11 Stunning Photo Manipulations of Landscape and Scenery

11 Stunning Photo Manipulations and Digital Artworks of Landscapes Gathered From DeviantArt.

Usually Adobe Photoshop is the software that is used to create these photo manipulations but since Photoshop is becoming more and more expensive, artists use many other applications as well. If you are also looking for a way to avoid Photoshop, look here: 9 Free Photoshop Alternatives

Photo manipulation is a different kind of digital art. Rather than ‘creating’ an image, the artist mixes real photos and enhances it digitally to add that imaginative feel. It is a great inspiration just for artists but designers as well.

To go the artist profile click on artist name and to get to the artwork source page click on the artwork name.

The Islander by =kire1987

islander photo manipulation

Devil’s Sea

bermuda triangle photo manipulation

From a Perfect Fairy Tale

fairy tale photo manipulation


cintra photo manips

Age of Enlightenment by `gilad

englihtment photo manipulation


multi city photo manipulation

Light’s last breath by ~YagaK

light photo manipulation

Dream House by ~oilcorner

Dream house photo manipulation

canvas of the night by =detail24

canvas night photo manip

Frozen Valley by `kuschelirmel

Frozen Valley photo manip

A New World by ~KittyD

a new world photo manipulation