Stunning Concept Based Fashion Photography

You would have seen many Fashion Photography posts, we made a few on Designzzz. But today I thought of manipulating this idea a lil bit.

This is a collection of inspirational conceptual pictures which have the sense of fashion photography in them. These pictures don’t only show the clothing but the use and style of wearing it, this photography does not focus on the object but rather on the environment.

Quite honestly such pictures look great on your portfolio but a textile company would never use them on their billboards I’m afraid.

 Photography Tips

When I started making this post, I consulted with Tayyab and we realized that this is a big subject, so I asked him to write a complete article on this subject. Here’s the link to that article: 5 Step Fashion Photography Quick Guide
But I’m giving a summary of  that article right here.

1. Make a Concept: you should always have a concept before taking a shot. Take a lot of inspiration from magazines, covers and wherever you can find it.

2. Stay Active: stay fit, stay energetic, you’ll lose your touch if you lose your health.

3. Direct the Models: don’t expect that models will just present the beautiful shot in a platter, you’ll have to direct them.

4. Preparation: Studio Photography needs twice as much preparation compared to outdoor photography.

5. Discover your Style: everyone has a style of their own, discover yours. You can be good with props, or closeups, or maybe… sky is the limit, just experiment.

Fashion Photography Examples

Fashion Editorial

Fashion Editorial


headshot fashion photography

The Hunk with a Skirt

The Hunk with a Skirt

Violet Thought

Violet Thought conceptual fashion

Ring by  Flex-Flex

ring extreme fashion

Fashion Victim

fashion victim

Fashion with Turtoise by  kurakuraku

Fashion with Turtoise


Stage 1 by  MaRaDinn

fashion photography

Spider Sam

spider sam fashion

The Men of Fashion – Ben

The Men of Fashion - Ben


conceptual fashion photos

Fashion Dog

fashion dog

Fashion Strike

Fashion Strike

Fashion Shoot in The Rain

Fashion Shoot in The Rain

Fashion in Basic Form by  kurakuraku

Fashion in Basic Form

Fashion Soldier

Fashion Soldier

Bird Queen by  leodadominico

Bird Queen

Violin Breath

Violin Breath

The Language of Fashion by  justatouchaway

The Language of Fashion