Refreshing Still Life Summer Pictures

A Refreshing selection of still life photography themed in the upcoming season, summer.

Who doesn’t like summer? Everyone likes it! What’s there not to like? Parties, beaches, mountains, strawberries, vacations… it’s all summer. It’s all about having a good time.

And since summer is nearing, I decided to welcome it in my style,  that is photography. This time I chose still life for my post. Still Life is a type of art where commonplace objects are depicted. Usually still life is something you associate with paintings but it is also a photography niche.

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Still Life Summer Pictures

Even if you live in South America, South Asia or such a hot climate area…. my apologies but just take a look at these pictures, even you will love summer.


Summer picture. A soap bubble tells all about summer.

…summer of love…

Love picture of summer with paper hearts on a string.

summer day

A book with a rose on top.

Summer Shoes

just a pair of shoes outside in the lawn celebrating summer.

summer days

A piece of artificial jewelry lying on a book in summer.

Story of Summer

rose flowers in a jar.

taste of summera girl carrying berries in her hand.

The summer of 1O’

A clock time-piece showing ten minutes to eight time.

moment of this summer

Just a moment in mid-summer night.

waiting for summer

Waiting for summer in the garden with goggles.

Memories of a summer

Memories of a summer on the beach.

summer wind.

paper boats in summer.

first day of summer

A camera lying in the grass on the first day of summer.

Summer Water

Summer Water

summer dance

Red flowers on a book. The first days of summer.

cup of summer

summer raspberries in a cup.

summer feelings?

shoes on a jeti. Bokeh in background.

Summer lovin

Two dolls in the garden.


sun goggles on the groud.

The Heat of Summer

Smoke coming out of flower.

Summer games

chalks and drawings on the ground on a playful summer day.

500 x 500

A shoe hanging outside playground.

Take me home Sunny

Take me home sunny.

I loved you

Sad love quotes. Heartbroken in summer.

Summer wardrobe

These are the only clothes you need in summer.


Ocean on a sunny day.

Coca Cola Summer

A summer day isn't complete without coca cola and beach and babes.