Yummy Still Life Food Photography

20 Finest examples of food photography using still life theme.

Food Photography is all about, capturing its most appetizing and luring look. But sometimes, for magazines and book covers, just food is not enough. You need to add something extra!

Still Life can be that “something extra”. Still Life is a type of traditional art where commonplace objects are depicted in their perfect form. These days Still Life is rapidly becoming a hit in photography.

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Still Life Food Photography

Rain Down

That’s the kind of rain I like.

A Rain of Strawberries.


One fo the perfect examples of still life food photography. It’s simple, it’s appetizing, it’s a moment, it’s yum.

Strawberry and Chocolate. Your two reasons to love this planet.


When your subject is very colorful, your background should be simple and minimal.


Shiny tea …

Would you like to have some tea? (Read this line in British accent 🙂 )

A cup, a kettle and a book. A perfect example of still life photo.

Summer of Love

Watermelon, the fruit with a big heart.

A watermelon is my favorite fruit. That's because it is green from the outside and red as blood from the inside.

Tea break

So simple, so catching.

A tea cup with shadow creating a heart.

La moustache

Now that’s a manly marshmallow.

La Moustache

Chocolate heel

I don’t know what to say.

High heel made from chocolate and decorated with strawberries.


Find the heart… that’s the easiest way to describe still life photography.

A slice of lemon with heart shaped in it.

would you like to eat me?

With pleasure!

It says eat me!

salad, take two: fancy restaurant style

Well, cook them first!

Spoons full of spices and fruit.

Strawberries and Chocolate

Two of my favorite things in one food picture. Even though this is a routine picture but it can be called still life because it is taken of the right appetizing moment.

Straberries dipped in chocolate and white chocolate.

Let it glow.

A very good example of macro food photography.

Let it glow


A perfect mixture of conceptual photography mixed with still life.

Still life food photography.


That’s the thing that makes me get out of the bed and work at Designzzz.

A still life image of coffee beans.

2/52 – Smile.

Say cheese, orange!

Smile is a curve that sets everything straight