Exceptional Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Men

Cool Sleeve tattoo ideas for men.

This includes bio-mechanic tattoos, Polynesian tattoos, skyrim tattoos and many more.

These are tattoo designs for men, and men with attitude.But don’t forget, if you like to a get a tattoo made on your body, make sure you take care of all the health problems and go to a professional.

Tattoo ideas has not been a focused subject here at Designzzz, but I needed to change the flavor a bit, besides you made memorial tattoos a big hit, so today I decided to present some more cool tattoo designs.

If you are interested in more tattoo sleeve ideas, please comment and we’ll publish more tattoo ideas asap.

Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Biomechanic – Cyberware Sleeve

I think transformer movie buffs would like it 🙂 Awesome Tattoo Sleeve Idea

BMechanic Horror Sleeve Tattoo by 2 Face Tattoo

Another bio-mechanic styled tattoo idea. This one features a a character face also… pretty cool.

Horror Sleeve Tattoo for men

chains fore arm sleeve tattoo by 2 Face Tattoo

Anyone here from John Cena’s chain gang?

chains forarm tattoo

Church ornament sleeve by Meatshop – Tattoo

A rather vintage look. Nice blend of old and new.

Church Ornament Sleeve tatto

Darkness and Sunlight sleeve Tattoo by just an artist

Or you can really rock out with this one.

Darkness and Sunlight tattoo

Beautiful Dragon Tattoo by Beautiful Dragon

A dragon tattoo idea for Chinese history lovers. Or if you were born in ‘the year of the dragon’.

Beautiful Dragon Tattoo

evil art sleeve

Art based tattoo ideas are not something everyone gets. But if you like it… to heck with everyone.

evil art tattoo

half sleeve tribal tattoo

Tribal art, looks awesome on most bodies.

half sleeve tribal tattoo

Marquesan tribal half-sleeve

Half sleeve tribal tattoo ideas are….. well, I don’t like them much but they are a hit so had to share them.

Marquesan tribal half sleeve tattoo

Movie Stripe Tattoo by 2 Face Tattoo

This is one of those tattoos which say a lot. Only tasteful person can read between designs.

Movie Stripe Tatto

Polynesian Sleeve Tattoo

We don’t see many Polynesian tattoo ideas around here, do we?

Polynesian sleeve tattoo

Polynesian sleeve process by Meatshop – Tattoo

Here’s another Polynesian tattoo design.

polynesian tatto process

reverse thorn sleeve

Now this is a cool tattoo.

Reverse Thorn Sleeve Tattoo

Samoan Sleeve free hand by state of art tattoo

Let me tell you something… you go to get this tattoo made, you get ready for pain.

Samon Sleeve Free Hand Tattoo

Samurai Tattoo

When I saw it, the character seemed a lot like Genghis Khan.

Samurai Tattoo

skull sleeve tattoo in progress

Skulls sometimes don’t look too good, but this one does!

Sleeve Skull Tattoo

Skyrim Tattoo

This skyrim tattoo looks kind of scary… because of the red color on elbow!

Skyrim arm Tattoo

Portion of a tattoo sleeve

Now this is something seriously cool.

High tech Tattoo Sleeve Portion

Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

You like a botanical garden on your arm?

floral tattoo for men

Tribal sleeve

This is one of those tattoos which I personally feel only looks good on athletic, muscular builds.

Tribal Tattoo Sleeve

Victor Sleeve

Tattoo sleeve ideas for men with attitude.

victor sleeve