Tired of Searching for Just the Right Font?

A handy tool that helps you identify fonts you might have a use for is yours for the asking, whether you your search is for a specific font, a similar font, or several different fonts. You can if you wish conduct a manual search, but if you are a busy web designer you probably have other things to do.

Imagine you’ve come across a font, and you would like to use it for your own purposes. It has a several recognizable characteristics, but since you don’t know the name, it won’t necessarily be easy to locate its source. So, what to do?

Image of an unknown font

Software applications can often do certain things much faster and easier than humans – including searching for elusive fonts. WhatFontis.com offers the use of their software font identification application – at no cost to you!

How to Identify that Exciting, Newly-discovered Font

The first thing you want to do is bring up the WhatFontis.com website on your browser and register. You’ll be asked to enter your email address and confirm that you are not a robot.

Once you’re signed in, go to the WhatFontis.com home page, from where you can request your first free search.

What Font is

The font you need to identify can be uploaded from a file on your computer or from a screenshot, or you can enter the URL of a site that uses the font.

The requirements your sample must satisfy are quite straightforward. You have to submit at least one line of horizontal text in JPG, GIF, or PNG format, letters may not be touching, and only Latin letters are allowed. There are a few more easy to follow and not-to-difficult to satisfy rules and guidelines.

Finding your font

There is an FAQ page and a page of good and bad submittal examples to help you should you need it. If your font cannot be identified, perhaps because it is a custom or a unique font, you can expect to receive several examples of fonts that while not identical, are close to the mark.

After you click continue, a page containing the first 100 fonts matching the image you uploaded will be shown to you.

Your font is found

If you are not satisfied with the results, which we highly doubt it, then you can write on their forum where you can submit your sample for human inspection and identification. A quick scan of the forum indicates that WhatFontis.com members do a good job of identifying fonts, and are able to do so quickly much of the time.


Integrate Chrome with WhatFontis to make Life Easier

If you should become a frequent user of this font search and identify application, you might consider streamlining the process by downloading the WhatFontis.com browser extension for Chrome. Browser extensions often serve useful purposes, and Chrome is much more tolerant of extensions and addons than most other browsers.

You don’t want to load your browser down with too many extensions. Doing so could affect your computer’s performance. By keeping the number of extensions low, you can realize the full benefit any given extension offers. If you are a Firefox user, there’s a WhatFontis.com extension you can download for that browser as well.

What the Premium Version of WhatFontis.com Offers

Premium account at WFI

If you only need a font identification service occasionally, or just once or twice, staying with the free service would make sense. The main limitations involve a maximum of 5 identifications and a single forum post per day.

If your work is such that you have a frequent need for a font identifying service, you might consider setting up a premium account. At $2.99/month or $29.99/year, a WhatFontis.com premium account is quite affordable. You can request an unlimited number of searches and submit an unlimited number of forum posts. There are other benefits as well.

A nice thing about WhatFontis.com is that the free version isn’t a teaser, or simply a low-grade, minimally functional offshoot of the premium version like some businesses offer. Both the free version and the premium subscription are excellent choices. It all depends on your specific need.

A Good Solution to a Perplexing Problem

It’s not always easy locating a font style, or the source for that font, if you don’t have the name of the font. Searching for a certain font should not have to be a test of your analytical skills. If you’ve conducted this type of search hundreds of times, you’ve no doubt gotten better at it. It still makes sense however to save time and energy by allowing a software application to do the heavy lifting for you.

We strongly recommend this tool. It will make a welcome addition to your web design tool box.