20 Beautiful Vintage Web Design Examples

Today we are sharing Vintage Web Design Examples.

Retro is all over Designzzz these days. Just yesterday we published a tutorial to design a vintage style business card, and a giveaway is coming up for 2 retro style business cards. That will be published somewhere during next week.

But currently I’m sharing a showcase of classy vintage themed web designs. Vintage or retro styles are highly demanded and web designers often have to design websites using this theme.

This post should be a good example if you are such a designer.

The Vintage Catering Company

This is a light color web design. A good inspiration for designers designing soothing websites.

Catering Vintage Web Design

Ready Photo Site

Wanna make something modernistically cool? Here’s a good inspiration.

Vintage Photo Website Design

Starving For Ethics

This could be vintage at its best. Just grayscale used.

Ethics Web Design


This is a web design which in my personal opinion only designers will like. For general public, it might not be a very impressive design.

Fore Fathers Vintage Web Design

The New York Moon

Quite honestly, I don’t think this is a vintage design, but only the pictures used are of old instruments. But of course, you have a right to differ.

New Year Moon Vintage Web Layout

Deep Time

Old paper style, awesome!

Vintage web designs


Neutral Milk Hotel

The background image was pretty “modern” in the old era.

Vintage Milk Hotel web design


This is a design that should be called retro, and not vintage.

Retro Web Design


Again, retro.

Retro Website Design

Literary Bohemian

That’s a website with a look that it was designed by graphic designer and not a web designer.

Vintage Literary Bohemian

Dollar Dreadful

An old European style of design.

retro Dollar Dreadful design

This is Grow

This is a retro styled theme.

Amazingly Designed Vintage Website

Sensi Soft

I don’t know why but I feel this design has chinese feel in it. There’s all London in the background.

Sensi Soft Vintage Web Design


This is vintage, yet modern. That’s brilliant.

Modern Vintage Web Design

Custom Design

And that’s an excellent way to design when you don’t have a lot of content to put online.

Custom Vintage Design

Level 2 Design

I don’t personally I don’t like the color scheme of this design, but still looks good.

Retro Website design


Wow! This ZZZ strikes back. (The website has no relation with Designzzz)

retro drink website


Like Dark?


Cotton Seed Oil Tour

Now that’s cool!

Cotton Seed Oil Tour web design

Small Stone

Now that’s hot!

Small Stone Vintage Design