Free eBook: Adobe Photoshop CC Crash Course

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful, and most popular software on the planet. It is used not only for photo editing, but graphic designing and web designing as well.
Recently, Photoshop has been powered up with 3D so now it is being used as a partnering application with CAD software. The things you can do with Photoshop are endless.

Such a huge application can never be easy to master… then again, what are we here for?

Today we present a free eBook, the first of “on steroids” series, which means it contains rapid-paced training material. You can complete it within an hour… and if you already know the basics of designing, such as differences between vector graphics and raster graphics, and you can crop, resize and rotate images using a picture viewer software, then you can finish the book within 30 minutes.

This eBook is intended for absolutely beginners. Even if you have never opened Photoshop before, don’t worry at all. This is the book you need. This is the only book you need.

Since we wanted this book to be a fast-paced training material for beginners, we could not go deep into the advanced stuff, however you will learn each and every single tool, panel, dialog box and everything such that emerges when you open Photoshop. So when you have completed this book, you will be able to do everything that a common photoshopper can do.
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Let’s check out the title and table of contents of this book.


Adobe Photoshop eBook Title


Table of Contents

    • Essential Glossary of Designing
    • How Colors Affect Us
    • Introduction to Typography
    • Terminology of Typography
    • What to Expect
    • Initial Steps
    • Workspace
    • Options Bar
    • Panels
    • Workspace Selector
    • Tools
      • Move Tool
      • Marquee Tools
      • Lasso Tools
      • Magic Selection Tools
      • Cropping Tools
      • Eyedropper Tools
      • Healing Brushes
      • Brush Tools
      • Stamp Tools
      • History Brushes
      • Eraser Tools
      • Fill Tools
      • Refinement Tools
      • Color Editing Tools
      • Pen Tools
      • Text Tools
      • Path Editing Tools
      • Shape Tools
      • Navigation Tools
      • Color Picking and Preview
      • Quick Mask Mode (Preview Mode)
      • Screen View Modes
    • Panels
      • Colors and Swatches
      • Adjustments
      • Layers
      • Channels
      • Opacity and Blend Modes
      • History
      • Paths
      • Properties
    • Saving for Web
    • Shortcuts of Tools
    • Online Resources
    • Ending Note
    • Credits

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And last but not the least, we need your feedback more than ever now, please read the book and furnish us with your notes, it is only your feedback that could make this blog even better.

Once again, thanks a lot for sticking with us.