16 Paper Inspired WordPress Themes

Paper Inspired WordPress Themes16 Paper Inspired WordPress Themes

Some of the best WordPress themes currently available take their inspiration from paper. The addition of paper textures, notepad pages, cardboard tags and handwritten notes brings an intimacy and crafted quality to blogs of any kind. This post brings together a selection of 15 of the finest paper-based themes.

1. Paper.7

Paper.7 is a very attractive paper-inspired theme with a light and airy feel, faintly lined pages and scribbled details. The theme lends itself ideally to a personal blogging niche for artists and craft makers. The code is clean and ready to use, but users can easily customise the theme with images and logos.

paper wordpress themes

2. Tarimon-Notse

This theme uses a vintage paper aesthetic in faded brown and beige tones with paperclip detailing and wood effect background.

tarimon paper wordpress theme

3. Parchment Draft

This sepia-toned theme uses two fixed-width columns laid out on an aged parchment ground. Features include an author info page, custom archives, gravatars, sitemap and full-width no-sidebars page templates.

parchment wordpress theme

4. PaperBlock

PaperBlock is an accessibly simple theme with clean left-aligned menus and gallery features. The design is set against a soft paper-style background in a neutral tone.

paper block wordpress theme

5. Notepad Chaos

Notepad Chaos is a cool theme created by Evan Eckard. The design uses an expansive, colourful background, a two-column notepad layout, with charming elements including handwritten headings and sticky notes, clips, pins and ring binding details.

notepad wordpress theme

6. MyPapers

This is a great theme for straightforward personal blogs, with the content presented on a pile of lined paper. The pages are set against the wood grain of a writing desk, while accompanying images have a drop shadow to create the illusion of photographs laid on paper.

paper wordpress theme

7. Grunge Style

SmashingApps Released a Grunge Style 3 Column WordPress Theme for their readers , designed by Brian from TemplateLite

grunge wordpress theme

8. Color Paper

Color Paper is a theme that successfully combines great visuals with functionality, clean design and crisp typography. The theme includes a features block at the head of the layout with style switching tabs, articles list, comments and sidebar. The design uses a faded paper style with folded corners and perforated edges in the detailing.

color paper theme

9. MyDiario

This theme is perfect for personal blogging, scrapbooks and online notebooks with an appealing diary aesthetic. MyDiario’s two-column layout is presented on nice paper pages in neutral, warm tones, with a 125 x 125 pixel ad-ready banner in the sidebar, along with all the features bloggers look for in a WordPress theme.

diario wordpress theme

10. CreativeArt

CreativeArt is a stylish theme with two fixed-width columns, widget-ready with a cool notepad page design. The theme is a great way for writers and photographers to present their blogs in a good-looking platform.

creative wordpress theme

11. Paper Made

Paper Made is a theme aimed at creatives, craft makers, artists and school children who want to layout their blogs and work in a fresh and friendly format. The design uses torn edges, paper textures, pins and stationery details to create an attractive, three-dimensional feel.

made wordpress theme

12. CoolRetro

This theme employs a retro design aesthetic with great typography spread over a two-column layout, with stylish torn paper design.

retro wordpress themes

13. Japan Style

Japan Style is a beautiful two-column theme adding the feel of delicate handmade Japanese paper to a blogging niche. The Oriental aesthetic is heightened by the addition of traditional calligraphy pen graphics in the header.

japan wordpress theme

14. Papyrus

Papyrus was used as a writing surface in ancient Egypt as far back as 5000 years ago. This theme adds the rough texture of paper-like papyrus to any WordPress blog, with a two-column layout and right sidebar.

papyrus wordpress theme

15. Comment Central

Comment Central is a cool grunge theme with torn note pad pages and paper tag styling. The widget-ready layout has two columns, left sidebar and drop-down menus.

comment wordpress themes

16. Paper and Wood

This attractive theme was created with the concept of a blog hand-written on paper on a dark wooden desk. The result is a friendly and very attractive paper-inspired WordPress theme.

paper wood wordpress theme

This post is brought to you by Tom Walker, a blogger from the UK who works with a supplier of ink next day. He is the lead editor and writer on their blog, called CreativeCloud, where he posts about advertising and the art of designing printed media.