50 Awe-Inspiring Oil Paintings

Oil paintings are usually created with drying oil that is mainly obtained from linseed. This are of creating oil paintings is not at its highest in 21st century, but it still has huge following and it has seen and passed the tests of the time. We can safely say that this art form is not going to expire soon.

Oil paintings are probably the most beautiful paintings you can make with a brush. These days some painters use multiple techniques on the same painting, but if you are looking to create a painting using only one medium, oil can be the best one. Oil paints can create more details than water paints. The details express feelings, and that is why Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and many such great painters mostly used this medium to present their artworks.

By the way, water paintings have different taste but they are also very impressive. Don’t forget to check out one of our most famous paintings collection ever, watercolor paintings.

These paintings were first designed by Buddhists in China and South Asian region. Due to their beauty and, everyone started noticing them, practicing them and the art became an instant hit.

Oil paintings are mostly used to express a moment, feeling, or an idea. Mona Lisa is an example of expressions, a moment and a feel. On the other hand, the flying man is an example of idea.

Oil paintings are usually full of colors. Many people love oil paintings and love to see and buy new ones.  Today I have collected 50 best oil paintings. Being a fan of this art form I’m sure you will like them.

A very beautiful piece of art great oil painting

The colorful land

The autumn walk I shall never forget.

Autumn walk I shall never forget

Only if you were here.

Only if you were here

The lonely bench awaits you again.

The lonely bench awaits you again

Jazz up the place.

Jazz up the place

The lion and the lady.

The lion and the lady

“Impression Lady” another beautiful oil painting

Impression Lady

What does she say?

What does she say?

I’m waiting.

I'm waiting

The love of brother and sister in a painting.

The love of brother and sister in a painting

The little girl and ducks.

Little girl and ducks

Childhood curiosity can be lethal… but it’s worth it.

Childhood curosity

A child looks into the unknown.

Childish looks


Adorable parrot excellent oil painting.

A parrot in oil

Adorable cat oil painting.

Cat oil painting

Lunch time

Lunch time

Amazing oil painting of horses.

Horses oil paintings

The Majestic Sunrise in Oil Painting

The Majestic Sunrise

And this is the sunset.

And the sunset

Sunset at the red sea.

A cool oil based painting

The temple beside the stream.

The temple beside the stream

The serene river.

The serene river

Beautiful flower oil painting

Flowers in the hills

This is the green lane.

The green lane

Incredible and amazing oil painting

The flowerpot

Still life fruits.

Still life fruits

Another one of still life oil paintings.

Another one of still life oil paintings

Hyper realistic still life painting.

Hyper realistic still life painting

Howard fog train looks amazing on oil.

Howard fog train looks amazing on oil

A house in the countryside.

A house in the countryside

The walled valley.

The walled valley

The golden autumn.

The golden autumn

The green misty forest.

The green mist

Fog is taking over the mountains.

Fog is taking over the mountains

The pilgrims.

The pilgrims

A clay house in the fields.

Village house

The place called home.

The place called home

This is a Japanese landscape.

Japanese landscape

Broadway amazing tower is an oil painting.

Broadway amazing tower is an oil painting

Mediterranean Sea amazing and beautiful oil painting

Mediterranean Sea Shore

One of the coolest oil paintings by Robert Finale.

One of the coolest oil paintings by Robert Finale

A countryside small town is depicted in oil.

A beautiful oil painting

The sea port amazing oil painting

The old sea port

Thomas Kinkade’s Amazing oil painting of a beautiful farm

Thomas Kinkade’s Amazing oil painting of a beautiful farm

Another bench, another story.

Another bench, another story

The rainy night.

The rainy night

The river of memories cool oil painting

The river of memories

Beautiful flowers garden oil painting.

Beautiful flowers garden oil painting

Leonid masterpiece a fantastic oil painting

Leonid's Masterpiece

The beauty of Champs-Élysées, Paris, France.

Champs-Élysées, Paris