Mother’s Day Special – Mother and Child B&W Photography

There can be no exaggeration if you talk about mother’s love. But today, I would not be talking about a mother’s love, because I feel words cannot signify all those efforts which good mothers make to write us a prosperous destiny – I just collected some beautiful inspiring Black and White artistic photos instead.

Now let me also describe a little bit about Mother’s Day. It is widely celebrated all around the world but in most countries it doesn’t have a fixed date. In USA and many other countries, it is celebrated on second Sunday of May. In some Muslim countries, it is celebrated on the second Friday of May, because Friday is the holiday there. Still there are a few exceptions like Afghanistan, where it is celebrated on the second Saturday of June.

A Gift Suggestion: I personally feel there’s no need to buy something for your mother, you should just do something for her, something which she always wanted you to do. Like if she wanted you to cut your long rocker type hair, cut them, and show your new look presenting her a rose.

Conceptual by Sadalit

Mothers Day Photo

mother and daughter by PB-HASS

Artistic Photo



Animal Mother and Child Love

Great Love

Child Photos

A Love So Pure

Mother and Baby Photography

Mother’s love by FraochZoli-Stock

Animal Mother and Baby


:: a mother’s love :: by Jazer

Mother and Child Photo

Mother and Daughter by historyfend13

Lovely Artistic Photographs


Mother and Daughter Love by blindXscream

Beautiful Emotional Photo


New Love by FawkesFeather

Panda Mother and Child


Mother’s Love by hbmediawork

Mother with Baby

Mother and Child by LittleCatKing

Mothers Day Photography

Mother love by alexanderdb

Animal Mothers Day

Mother and Daughter by vizionsphotography

Mother's Day Photography

Maternity by apostolos diamantis

Conceptual Artistic Photography