Mono Giraud Crafts Ethereal Designs with Organic Materials

Some designers are doing such a great job overlapping between the world of fashion and art that you have to wonder if their creations are even real. Mono Giraud falls under this category and their creations have an ethereal quality that makes them seem like they originate from another realm.

This brand was founded in 2018 by the Argentinian artist and designer Alejandra Giraud, based in Buenos Aires’ colorful neighborhood of Palermo. Despite the photographs that give her designs an out of this world feel, Giraud’s designs are actually incredibly simple as she’s always using neutral and organic fabrics.

Locally sourced organic woods, natural fibers, and bamboo are the most common materials used in her creations, but she also works with silk thread from Indonesia woven on-site. Even after being knitted and processed by the artisans at her shop, they still manage to maintain the integrity of the original materials they’re made of.

Giraud told Colossal that she’s interested in “the conjunction of energy between objects and people” and this really shows in the photographs of her clothes. They truly present her designs in the best possible light, as the neutral background perfectly fits the color of her creations and all the other objects she uses as props in her shots.