25 Free Microsoft Word Resume Templates for Download

Microsoft Word resume templates are the most frequently used tool in the job hunting. It also happens to be the most pivotal tool of job seekers.

Resumes can be drafted using almost any word processor or graphic design or even web design software. But word processors are preferred in almost all scenarios. And Microsoft Word is the clear winner among word processors. So everybody seeks for Microsoft Word resume templates.

One good thing about word resume templates is that they can be important in almost all of the famous word processors, such as OpenOffice and others.

Why Resume Templates?

It can be frustrating having to create your resume. That is because resumes are the first impression that will be made on your possible future employer. They introduce you, even before you introduce yourself. Therefore it might be difficult to figure out the best visual ways of showing off your best experiences.

So it is clear that your resume has to be absolutely up to the mark. For that, you don’t only need good content but also good layout and design. But remember that sometimes less is more. When you choose which of these fabulous resume templates suits your needs the best, do not hurry to enter all of your lifetime work experience into it.

It is best to avoid all kinds of internships and part-time jobs that you used to take when you were a student and now you are a senior data manager. Anything that is unrelated to the field that you work in should also be excluded from your resume. For example, if you worked as a bartender for a year but now you have a lot of experience is SEO field, then your bartender experience might look quite strange and off topic on this resume. Seek to always be precise.

Also, when you choose a resume template for yourself, pay attention to details. Choose a style that fits the position you want to candidate for. For example, if you are applying for a higher position in some company, then maybe a colourful modern resume would not be the best choice. Unless it is for the creative industry. But if it is for a data analytics position, then you should really skip the creative ones.

On the other hand, if you specialise in web design then you can show off your skills by creating a website that is also your resume – that would surely impress your future boss. Also, it is a great chance to show that you have great skills.

You can find tips for drafting resumes, such as which words to use in resumes, and what are the essential design methodologies for resumes.

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