50 Beautiful Henna Tattoos

Mehndi or Henna is a very special kind of a herb that is used for a unique kind of make up. It is used for making henna tattoos.
In South Asian sub-continent, this is known as mehndi while Arab world calls it Henna.

Such mehndi or henna tattoos are wore by women mainly. To apply a mehndi tattoo, you need to mix mehndi in water and make it a paste, then apply it through a cone and make your desired patterns. It works something like writing a name with chocolate on a birthday cake.

Henna tattoos are very popular in Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan, India and other Muslim countries.

These tattoos are a way of enhancing feminine beauty for over 5000 years.

 Best Henna Tattoos

Such graffiti takes lots of time to be designed. This is a Henna tattoo at its finest.

awesome mehndi tattoo designs

Hands of brides are never dressed properly until they have mehndi on them.

bridal mehndi designs

These tattoos can be placed on hands, arms and feet.

latest heena pictures

This is a fresh Henna tattoo; when it dries out, it turns red.

mehndi fashion hands

This is a dried out Temporary Henna Tattoo.

mehndi designs for bridals

These are absolutely gorgeous when used properly.

mehndi pictures

Red suits all women, and the bangles… Aah!

creative henna designs

creative mehndi style

The hand of a newly married bride on the bed of her wedding night.

latest mehndi designs

The addition of glitters can add lot of spice.

arms mehdni designs

This is a wonderful use of henna. On the neck!

beautiful henna designs

In the center, it is written Om which is the basic word of worship for Hindus.

indian mehndi style

The pattern on the cloth below and the tattoo match, don’t they?

awesome styles of henna

Gorgeous Henna Design on bride’s hand

black and white mehndi styles

Mehndi Design is wore not just by the bride but almost all of the attending women.

wedding henna style

This is a highly un-indian and un-arabic style of tattooing.

creative mehndi tattoos

This is a typical Pakistani/Indian style of mehndi.

traditional mehndi styles

Now doesn’t that look like a symbol of some secret organization.

wedding mehndi designs for inspiration

The waiting….

creative mehndi styles

Just look deep in the elephant’s eye!

gulf mehndi designs

Those hands I adore.

arabic mehndi designs

These mehndi tattoos are making me wish that I was a women so that I could have these henna designs.

arabic design of mehndi

Fresh henna, old bangles.

latest trends of mehndi

The glass bangles in the backdrop are telling me that this hands is a South Asian hand.

color ful designs of henna

Not too much but just enough 🙂

creative henna styles

I’ve seen patterns like these on ancient Buddhist temples in China.


hand mehndi tattoo

Isn’t that breathtaking? I’m talking about the henna tattoo!

mehndi style of neck

Another Indian mehndi tattoo with Om embedded on the left hand.

hand mehndi tattoo

Mehndi is a commercial art in South Asia and Afro-Arabia.

marriage henna tattoo

You see that heart, that’s my heart she stole!

indian wedding henna

Those hands… those nail polish… those mehndi tattoos.

still fresh henna styles

Lovely colors all around.

mehndi beautiful picture

The little hearts in the mehndi tattoo look so charming.

collection of mehndi styles

Green is the color mehndi is before we mix it with water and apply it on our hands.

wedding event henna style photography

Cat Goddess of course!

beautiful design of henna on hand

Om once again.

indian mehndi art

She is the one who designs these mehndi tattoos.

creative Mehndi shots

That’s a very stylish and minimalist tattoo.

Mehndi styles


fairy by henna tattoo

The woman with the golden hand!

full hand henna tattoo

I don’t know why but this pattern looks a little scary to me.


This is Egyptian style henna tattoo. Next time you to see the pyramids, don’t forget henna tattoos.

full hand henna flame

Back to Pakistani/Indian style of henna tattoos.

creative henna tattoos

Mehndi Designs

Inspiration for making a mehndi design yourself.

hand henna designs

A bridal mehndi tattoo design.

creative henna styles

Another mehndi tattoo example.

henna designs

Mehndi tattoos are usually themed with floral art, flowers etc.

drawing henna style

A drawing of a henna tattoo for mehndi lovers.

creative mehndi

I love this design. The string of mehndi going up to the tip of love finger is just lovely.

beautiful henna tattoo