Meet The Crafters Who Turned Their Hobbies Into a Business

Since the pandemic began, we’ve had to pivot as many of us have lost our jobs or have more time on our hands. Many people have used this time to start new hobbies and turn them into careers. These three crafters took their passions and turned them into brands. Get inspired by them and support their business ventures.

Chandler King, Busybdy

After leaving her job to focus on designing full-time, Chandler King launched her fashion brand Busybdy in August 2020. Some of her signature pieces include the Lettuce Pants and Very Special tank. The boss lady creates the designs, does the marketing, runs the online store, shoots the product, and sews each piece.

Aidan Macaluso, Zany Chains

With everyone across the world wearing masks and not be able to find them half the time, Aidan Macaluso came up with a solution. She started with beads and designed playful chains to create a very necessary accessory—chains for masks. Not long after, she started Zany Chains—a side hustle, that’s really therapeutic.

Kira Margolis, Kira Margolis Designs

As someone who’s immunocompromised, Kira Margolis didn’t have many options to leave her home during the pandemic. She used TikTok craft video to pursue a family tradition of crafting. Margolis put her knitting skills to use and made her first Picnic bag—a crocheted gingham purse, which is now her bestseller.