Meet Old Navy 3 Latinx Artists That Designed Tees for National Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15 marked the start of National Hispanic Heritage Month and to celebrate the occasion, Old Navy tapped three Latinx artists to design tees to honor their unique heritages. Thanks to the Project WE initiative, the new line of shirts features up-and-coming artists who made their mark with unique and colorful designs. Get to know the artists behind these cool tees.

Favianna Rodriguez

Favianna Rodriguez’s shirt may be white, but it’s full of color. It features the slogan, “Communidad, Cultura, Justicia,” and she told Popsugar, “This tee celebrates different Latinx experiences that together form a unique, complex, and beautiful culture.”

Ruby Marquez

Collage artist Ruby Marquez’s black shirt has a vase of pink, yellow, and orange flowers is an ode to his roots. “The traditional vase and flowers pay respect to my indigenous roots,” they said. “I’m proud of my people,” the artist told Popsugar.

Manuela Guillén

Cuban/Salvadoran designer Manuela Guillén Viva la Vida tee may be white, but it’s super colorful and it was “inspired by the Latinx dream, the love for the culture, and the resilience of our people.”