50 Greatest Matching Tattoos for Couples and Individuals

The idea behind matching tattoos is that couples should get it together. Now these couples can be life partners, BFFs or sisters/brothers. Earlier on, these tattoos used to be half in half, which means that half of the tattoo was worn by one person and other was worn by the other. But tattoo artists have developed techniques to make matching tattoos that look complete if seen independently, but seem to complete when looked with the other half. Today we have listed both these types of tattoos.

Even though matching tattoos were basically worn a new technique is being developed by tattoo lovers all over the world, which is matching tattoos for individuals. Here, matching tattoos are crafted on different parts of the body.
These tattoos also look complete independently but when you see them together, you realize that now is when they are truly complete. These can be look alike tattoos and they can also be different.

The most common place for getting these matching tattoos is the wrist, but they are made on nearly every part of the body.

Quotes are pretty common in matching tattoos but not all of them are quotes. There are symbols, animals and designs of all kinds.

Okay, too much talk now, let’s get going with the post. We have categorized these tattoos in two parts, one is tattoos for couples and the other is matching tattoos for individuals.

Matching Tattoos for Couples

I love him – I love her. This is one of the most beautiful, simple, yet creative tattoos for couples that I have seen.
On a very unromantic note, I should also mention that this tattoo will never require you to use a cover up tattoo on it because it does not contain any names.

The basic couple tattoo

No lies just love, another lovely tattoo. I love this tattoo not only for its simplicity and style but also because it is very concise. And it is a lesson that everyone should always remember. And this is a lesson not only for your life partner, this is a lesson to be adapted as a policy of life.

No lies just love, another lovely tattoo

Lock and key symbols are very very popular among love tattoos. From those many, this is the one I liked the most so I’m sharing it here with you guys.

A couple's favorite matching tattoo

The symbol you see in this tattoo is the mathematical symbol for “infinite”.
So the tattoo means “infinity and beyond”.
This is an example of identical tattoos.

I will love you until infinity runs out

Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.
This one again, has a more of a meaningful message in it that just being a matching tattoo. This is one of those tattoos that look complete independently but when they are seen together, we realize that this is when they truly make sense.

Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future, lovely couple quote tattoo

Okay, this is a little odd one because alone, these tattoos will not make much sense. However, they really look cool when checked together so we can give it extra points for sheer awesomeness.

Soul mate

Soul mates are best friends. And that’s true. If you are not the best friend of your spouse, there is no way you are soul mates.
I feel so lucky to have found my soul mate. I guess only this tattoo is left for me to get.

Soul mates are best friends

You rock! You rule!
This is a pretty cute, funny and simple tattoo. I love these funny matching tattoos.
The great thing about these is that you know you have found someone who is equally crazy and funny as you are.

A cute tattoo for couples

Christmas is just around the corner, so why not have something festive.
If you don’t want Santa stuck on your arm for all year long, you can get this tattoo as a temporary tattoo.

Christmas special temporary tattoos

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These are tattoos for sisters. The image you see are twin sisters who love each other.
They only tattooed their names together but you can get… anything. Any of the tattoos featured here.

This is another tattoo for sisters, couples or BFFs.
Even though this is a pretty cool black and white picture, the tattoo does look superb when we can see you in colors.
If you decide to get this tattoo, make sure you choose the right shade of red for this heart.

Twin Sisters - Flying Hearts

This one of my personal favorites from the list. The artwork, the heart, the typography and everything else. It’s just lovely.

And while you observe this picture, don’t miss the bracelet like heart string tattoo.

A two-sectioned couple tattoo for lovers

This is one of my favorite girly tattoos of all time. It has colors, it has typography and it has the most important ingredient of them all, cuteness.

By the way, do you know what is Scotland’s national animal? It the animal you see in the tattoo on the left side. Yes! It’s a unicorn.

Girly team-up tattoo

Awe, how cute. This is a love birds tattoo for, of course lovers. This is another one of really cute tattoos and I love it specifically because of its simplicity.

Even though it is basically a love tattoo, you can get it with anyone.

Love birds matching tattoo

Do you like cats? Internet really likes cats. So here’s a set of matching tattoos that contains one sad and one happy cat.

There are lots of cat tattoos around, so if you want me to make an independent post about cat tattoos, I will do so. Just post your request in the comments box below.

Cute matching tattoos of cats

These are 3D tattoos of spiders. Maybe not the most loving of animals but hey, maybe love birds or cats are not your thing.

These tattoos can be worn by a couple but a whole group of friends can get this tattoo as well. Just imagine, five friends all got 3D spiders on their shoulders all the time.

3D Spider Tattoos

Come with me best friend.
I love this picture and this tattoo. This is a perfect BFF tattoo and it doesn’t have to be on your shoulder, you can get it on lower part of your arm or even on your leg.

Come with me best friend

This is a bit strange tattoo. I’m not sure what to make of it but it was intriguing enough to be added in the list here.

This is an artwork design of human eyes. The traditional style artwork is mixed with tattoo art and combined it has a unique look and feel to it.

Matching tattoos for couples

Cute tattoo that can be made with ink or henna as well.

Not only for couples, this tattoo can be made for the whole family. Elder person gets the biggest tattoo and youngest one gets the smallest.

Cute tattoo that can be made with ink as well

Another matching tattoo that can serve the whole family.

Even though these are supposed to be features, I feel they are mustaches.

Even though these are supposed to be features, I feel they are mustaches

10 hearts. This is another one of unique, yet popular tattoos among loving couples.

This is a subtle tattoo and it can blend in with other tattoos. So it doesn’t matter if you already have other tattoos, this tattoo can mix and match brilliantly.

10 hearts

Are you a gaming geek? Is your lover a gaming geek? Well then, there cannot be a better matching tattoo for you two.

Relive the good old days of Pacman right on your wrists.

A tattoo for geek gaming couples

Not everyone is a gaming geek. Most of our readers are design geeks so here is a really cool graphic design tattoo.

And RGB and CMYK colors codes are making it look complete. Truly complete together but seem complete independently as well.

Matching tattoos for graphic design geeks

You are the missing piece of my life’s puzzle.
This is a slightly geeky, but a meaningful tattoo. I find it to deliver a beautiful, and lovely message in a slightly geeky way.

You are the missing piece of my life's puzzle

The same tattoo as the above one, you are the missing piece of my life’s puzzle, but this one is for your feet.

The same tattoo as the above one, you are the missing piece of my life's puzzle, but this one is for your feet

Matching Tattoos for Individuals

Matching tattoos of compass and watch. And the message says: “And we learn, as we age.”

This is one of the tattoos that make you look literary and intelligent. There aren’t many tattoos that do this.

Matching tattoos of compass and watch

Matching tattoos of moon and sun.
Like the above one, this tattoo also is also applied on your lower arms. Half on one arm and half on the other. Most of matching tattoos are applied on arms and wrists, especially the ones suited for individuals.

Matching tattoos of moon and sun

Little anchors on both feet. Turn your feet into anchors.

These are identical anchor tattoos. Sometimes, identical tattoos can look brilliant and this one of those times.

Little anchors on both feet

Beautiful owl tattoos for your arms.

These tattoos are not identical but they certainly do look brilliant. Sometimes, non-identical tattoos can look great, this is one of those times.

Beautiful owl tattoos for your arms

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The two most important words of life in one tattoo. It is simple, it is subtle but it is meaningful.

The two most important words of life

It’s only forever, not long at all.

They say you only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

It's only forever, not long at all

Be the one to guide me but never let me drown.
I so love this tattoo that I wish I was a girl, just I could get this tattoo. I feel this one doesn’t really suit to guys.

Be the one to guide me

Too weird to live, too rare to die. This is another one of the cute and funny tattoos. I think guys can get this tattoo, this is not that girly. What do you think?

Too weird to live, too rare to die

No Excuses No Regrets.
I featured two girly tattoos, so a guy tattoo was in order, right. That’s a good lesson to remember all your life.

No Excuses No Regrets

Forgive and forgot! A very simple but effective life-lesson tattoo quote.

Forgive and forgot! A very simple but effective tattoo quote

The code of life starts with love and ends with hate.
This tattoo can only be understood if you know HTML. If you don’t, keep visiting Designzzz.com and you will understand it 🙂

The code of life starts with love and ends with hate

Air quotes never gave more meaning than now.


A beautiful tattoo of beautiful feathers. This is an inspirational tattoo for men and women. I love it for its concept of freedom.

feathers wrist tattoo

This is another tattoo that contains concept of freedom. This one has this concept more vividly and it does convey the message in rather bold manner.

A deep rooted meaning of this tattoo can be that two people, when they are together, set each other free.

birds freedom tattoo

This is an example of look alike tattoo design. Just like cats, there are lots of star tattoos around. If you want me to make a showcase of them, please do comment.

two stars wrist tattoo

A gorgeous tattoo for both of your wrists. This symbol does look like a heart so you can get it with your lover partner.

A gorgeous tattoo for your wrist

Butterfly symbol signifies with transformation and hope. A butterfly starts its journey from being an ugly caterpillar and transforming into one of the most beautiful creatures on earth.

Butterflies are associated with beauty, happiness and innocence. In Japan, if a butterfly enters your room, it means that your most dearly loved person is coming to meet you.

Really cool butterfly tattoos for your back

This is my favorite from the list.

Each finger contains the word which is used by us when we say that word. When we blame someone, we use our index finger. If we hate someone, we use the middle finger. For love, ring finger is used and of course, pinky promise is the unbreakable vow.

pit bull lover tattoo finger

A beautiful tattoo saying “Sail Away”. This is a youthful tattoo for young girls and boys.

A beautiful tattoo saying sail away

This is another variation of the same tattoo. This one contains the words: “sail away into the seas.”

cool tattoo on fingers and hands

Hopelessly romantic… that’s me! But I don’t look as good as her. And I have to shave daily otherwise I’ll grow a beard.

lovely girl with tattoo

Book Ends, a very fantastic and attractive literary tattoo design.


Oh Yeah! you see the punches, GAME OVER. This is basically a variation of the above tattoo, but this has more punch in it.

game over finger tattoo

Game over was rather a tough guy tattoo, so here’s something cute that even women can get for themselves.

smiley tattoo finger

Let’s end the post with something funny.

biting tattoo fingers

That’s all for tonight folks. But before I leave you, I have a request.

We receive most of these pictures on our Facebook page so we don’t know the names of original tattoo artists. If you do happen to know the names of the creators, please share with us using the comments section below. Thank you.