25 Brilliant Magazine Print Ads

It’s no secret that print media’s ship is sinking. The sales of print media are dropping continuously. Yet…. yet it would take a lot of time for them to go down for good. So until they are here, we designers need to be perfect in designing magazine print ads.

Most of these magazine print ads are double-paged ones. That means that the designers have taken full advantage of magazine’s layout and binding properties. This is the reason we sharing this post. Otherwise, we already have shared some superb print ads.

Some of these magazine print ads require special kind of printing presses and willingness of the magazine. Those ads include pop-up ads such as bubble gum ad.

You are free to do anything with the design though. No special printing press is required for printing a design.

Print Ads

On Your Left

The Perils of Parallel Parking

An original way to promote your new parking assistant.

Reporter Magazine – Changing Your Perspective No. 1

Monthly magazine of Reporter focuses on investigative journalism and with this advertisement they wanted to show that they are changing the point of view of many different people in the whole world, which includes changing personal ideology beliefs, religion, and many other aspects of life.

Reporter Magazine – Changing Your Perspective No. 2

Reporter Magazine – Changing Your Perspective No. 3


A little bit political but the concept of JBL headphones is incredible.

Colgate Floss

Have you ever seen a flosses kiwi? Well, now you have. Gentle, yet very precise.

Sharper Than You Think

An advertisement showing how insanely sharp a knife can really be.

Make Your Audience Look Twice

The idea is to show hoe convenient and great it is to have a motorcycle when the traffic is terrible. Nobody likes to be stuck in traffic, right?

Hulk Have Boo-Boo

Even the strongest ones might need a band-aid.

Fedex: China-Australia

Go On A Run

IKEA iDealisk

An ironic ad with Apple in mind. For those, who want “fancy” kitchen-ware.

Dry Leaf

when you open this double-spread magazine ad, you find an actual plat. The objective was to show that these sanitary napkins have a superior absorbency.

natural way of publicity

Open All Night

An amazing conception of McDonalds logo and street lights. Looks great and the thought is very clear.

Pepsi: We Wish You a Scary Halloween!

You Eat What You Touch No. 1

The main idea of this ad is to show how important it is to wash your hands with a soap – because basically, you eat what you touch. If you recently touched your dog and haven’t washed your hands before eating, you have many bacteria on your hands that are not heathy for your body.

You Eat What You Touch No. 2

Chupa Chups

Sugar-free candy, probably the ants did not expect that?

Like Magazine

Very nice 3D creation, very effective.

magazine advertisements

You Eat What They Eat

An amazing ad that looks like a work of art. It is meant to highlight one of the biggest problems on Earth – pollution and animals that are suffering from it.

Bic Soleil Clic

An ad for a safety razor which follows your shapes.

sonceptual advertisements

Nivea Night

A pretty little moon. Or is it?

Fleas Off, Please!

A hilarious way to promote Frontline Flea & Tick Spray.

Where There Is One, There Are More

An ad that is beautiful and gross at the same time. The main thought is that if you already have one pest, there will always be more. It is a concept if a traditional Russian doll that has many other smaller dolls in it.