MAD Architects Are Taking Over the World with Their Futuristic Designs

If you have a special place in your heart for contemporary architecture with a futuristic feel, MAD Architects will knock you off your feet. This design firm based in Beijing is taking the world by storm with its stunning buildings that look straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Founded in 2004 by Ma Yansong, MAD significantly grew in the years to come, and it now has offices in Los Angeles, Jiaxing, and Rome. Many of its most famous works, including Harbin Grand Theatre and Ordos Museum, are located in China but MAD’s projects can be found all over the world.

From cultural projects to residential and office buildings, MAD is constantly pushing boundaries with its inventive designs. Their buildings merge architecture, culture, and arts into one, and they’ll make you feel like you stepped into a brave, new world.

According to MAD’s official website, this architectural firm is committed to developing futuristic, organic, technologically advanced designs that embody a contemporary interpretation of the Eastern affinity for nature.

“With a vision for the city of the future based on the spiritual and emotional needs of residents, MAD endeavors to create a balance between humanity, the city, and the environment,” reads MAD’s official website.