Kimberley Williamson Designs Quirky Carrier Bag Pots

Fans of gardening are constantly looking for adorable pots for their plants, but they’re usually shaped the same way. Kimberley Williamson managed to find a way to put a twist on your regular planters with her viral BirKim Bags.

The name of her brand makes it clear that her plant pots are shaped like bags, but how did she come up with this idea? On her official website, Williamson explains that she wanted to create “something fun, occasionally offensive and different” with a block of leftover clay at 3 a.m.—and the rest is history.

Her designs are inspired by the shape and style of plastic bags and she also wanted them to address the issue of single-use consumption. Unlike the item that inspired them, BirKim Bags aren’t meant to be discarded and they’ll bring nothing but good vibes into your home.

Some of Williamson’s designs come in bright colors and fun print, but she usually enjoys playing around with funny one-liners. The majority of her bag pots feature cheeky messages that will put a smile on your face every time you look at them and that’s one more reason to love them.