How to Create a Rainbow Effect in Your Photos Without Photoshop

Most people use filters and Photoshop to create fun effects in their photos, but there are more creative ways to get it done. If you’re a fan of portraits with rainbow effect and want to get your own, try one of these fun methods.

Glass Prisms

Many of the rainbow portraits you see online are made with the use of glass and crystal prisms of different shapes and sizes. You can create a colorful effect by holding the prism next to your lens, allowing the light to hit your face the right way and create an amazing reflection.

Old CDs

The most popular method of creating rainbow portraits is using your old CDs. All you have to do is position the metallic side near your lens, and experiment with angles until the light hits the surface of the CD and throws a reflection where you want it to be.

Sun Catchers

A similar method works with sun catchers and other objects with a colorful and glassy surface. You just have to be patient and experiment for as long as it takes before getting the perfect shot.