How to Blend Antiques Into a Modern Home

Photo by Lina Castaneda on Unsplash

Antiques are beautiful and unique furniture pieces that can add a vintage feel to a room, but incorporating them into a modern home without them looking out of place takes some work. The key to making them work, is to blend them with newer pieces. Ahead are five ways to make older furniture and décor items work in modern homes.

Choose One Focal-Point Piece of Furniture

Choose one or two pieces of antique furniture and pair them with more contemporary pieces. When choosing modern pieces, look for ones with clean lines. Desks, credenzas, and dining room buffets are the easiest pieces to add to modern spaces.

Use Accent Pieces

If big furniture seems like too much of a statement, look for antique mirrors, chairs, artwork, or side tables.

Play With Trendy Accessories

To make an old piece feel more modern, update it with trendy accessories. Vases and objects in bright white or brass are always a good addition to antique pieces.

Mix Up Wood Finishes

Try and avoid having the same wood finish in one room when blending wood pieces. By mixing wood finishes, the place will feel more unique and like you’ve collected items over time.

Reupholster Textiles

Instantly modernize an old couch or chair by recovering it in fun colors and patterns. This can help the furniture fit better into your design aesthetic.