How to Make a 3D Stone Effect Typography in 3ds Max

Time for some 3D now. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a stunning 3D grungy stone typography using 3ds Max. This is a quick tutorial and does not require much of your time. It is also an easy one, so don’t hesitate to try it, even if you are at the beginner level in 3ds Max.

Just like my previous tutorial where we made 3D grassy typography, this stone kind of typography work charms when used in large size outdoor advertising or mixed with multimedia ads, and let’s not forget 3D graphics are excellent at designing logos.

Final Result

3D Max Tutorial

Let the Tutorial Begin

I used this nice little wallpaper I had in my PC, you can use anything as background.

Background Image

3ds Max

If anyone knows the creator of this image, kindly tell me, I’d love to give backlink.

Open a new file.  Press 8 to open environment option. Now, press None button and the bitmap to locate any landscape do you have in your PC.

3D Max Tutorial

Click views menu, viewport background (alt+b)

3Ds Studio Max Tut

Check all these options as shown in image:

3Ds Max Tut

Go to text option and write the letter “D” in text box. I have used JFRockSolid font for this, and click in the view port to place the text and rotate it on x-axis on 90 degree. Here I set the font size to 160.

3Ds Max Typography

Now write rest of the text in two to three parts as shown with 70 font size.


Select “D” go to  modify panel and select extrude from the modifier list.

Typography Tutorial

Now set the amount of extrude to 50 and 3d for the rest of the small text.

Now if you face hollow text problem like this…

Tut and Tips

You may apply cap Holes modifier from modifiers list.

Tutorials and Tips

See? The problem is fixed.

Tips and Tricks

Now draw a plane under the text.

3D max guide

Press M for material editor ( I am using max 2009) click standard button and select new option then select Matte/Shadow material from the list.

3D Studio Max Tutorial

Drag and drop this material on plane. This material gets shadows but does not hide the background.

Tutorial and Tips

And no press M to open Material Editor and choose 3 different stones material from list and put it on letters as you can see below.

Autodesk Max Tutorial

You can see these materials.

3Ds max tutorial

Place a skylight in the scene anywhere.

3Ds Tutorial

Press F10 for render setup window and select the Advance Lighting tab and then Light Tracer. This will help you to generate very realistic render while in Default Scanline Renderer.

3D Studio Max

And Finally now we all know what to do, yes , hit F9 and impress your friends.

Final Result

3D Max Tutorial