Handy Photography Cheat Sheets

There are incredible photography cheat sheets for not just learning but also mastering photography as well.

Photography is a very very vast field. Whether you take it as hobby or you are a professional, you can never claim that you know everything…. but that’s what makes it great. There’s always scope for learning, there’s always scope for improvement and that’s exciting for us.

After the selection of Photoshop cheat sheets, you guys demanded photography cheat sheets, and how can I refuse. So today I’ve selected of 20 very useful cheat sheets for photographers. A few of them focus on setting the basics right and the rest will guide you on one specific task.
I’m sure if you love photography, you’ll love my effort.

Photography Cheat Sheets

Find the Perfect Camera

Before you can use any of these great photography cheat sheets, you need to find the perfect camera to fit all you needs. This one will help you decide what type of camera you should get. Will it be a DSLR camera, mirror camera, weather proof digital cam, compact camera, or a smartphone with a good camera built-in will be enough?

Guide to for Portrait Lighting

This cheat sheet will help you understand how to take a perfect portrait picture. The secret of a successful portrait image is hidden in the lighting. You can either use a high contrast light at 90 degrees, a defused light and reflection, a high contrast light at 45 degrees, a high contrast light at 45 degrees with reflector, a low contrast at 45 degrees with reflector, or a rim lighting from behind. All techniques have a completely different outcome.

Camera ISO Cheat Sheet

It is important to understand the ISO scale and when to increase your ISO and this photography cheat sheet is here to help.

What is a macro lens? Magnification and minimum focus distance explained

You might often see a macro effect on your smartphone camera but do you really know what is the purpose of it and what amazing pictures you can take by using it?


If you do o have a clever composition that makes your photos great, even Photoshop will not help you. Read these 19 rules and learn how to create a good looking composition in your photos.

Exposure Cheat Sheet

You can chance exposure in your manual camera settings. This is a step forward from always using the automatic regime and one step closer to becoming a professional photographer. Learn about aperture, shutter speed, and ISO from this cheat sheet.

Infographic: Color Temperature

Manual Photography Cheat Sheet

Portrait Lighting Examples

How to Read a Histogram

Photography Cheat Sheet for Exposure Triangle

Shutter, Aperture, ISO Explained

The 6 Components of a Great Property Photograph

White Balance Presets Infographic

Photography 101 – Cheat Sheet and Camera Basics

Photography Cheat Sheet for Exposure Triangle: Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO Guide

Exposure Triangle Summary

Photography Cheat Sheet for Shooting in Manual Mode

Shutter Speed

The Ultimate DSLR Cheat Sheet For Beginners