80 Awesome and Spooky Halloween Tattoos

Halloween, that scary fun time of the year is here again! And naturally, everyone is talking about Halloween tattoos- cute small or medium sized Halloween tattoos that you can put on your face, arm or leg.

Originally coined from the ancient Celtic festival called Samhain, Halloween is a holiday that falls between fall and winter. It’s believed that Halloween straddles, plenty and paucity, loss and gain, and life and death. As a result, people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts who intend to take them to the underworld.  It was a real time of terror.

Nowadays, it has been affected and molded by time, customs and religion and has become a holiday of pure fun and excitement. The terror part is still present though, but things are generally less macabre.

If you love Halloween as much as I do, your preparations for an exciting time would  already be in top gear by now. Have you gone costume shopping or you’re just gonna rent one? Decide now already. What about your gadgets- are they Halloween themed?

You can also check this post for a great collection of Halloween wallpapers and backgrounds for your laptops, IPads, tablets and smartphones.

How about tattoos? Will you get one? You should if you haven’t. Tattoos are fun and Halloween ones are no different. You could get a really scary one to spook your friends.  Shivers. 

One important thing to note though: you can opt for a temporary Halloween tattoo unless you want to wear it forever.

I’ve pieced together some pictures of cute and spooky Halloween themed tattoos which you will want to put on your body in 2016. If they’re not exactly what you’re looking for, they’ll definitely inspire you to get creative about what you want…. and it doesn’t matter if you’ve got one already, you can still get another one!

Halloween Tattoos

Here’s a lovely, simple and cute Halloween ghost who is always ready to give you a treat. I don’t think he’d trick you though, just look at his goofy smile.

Trick or Treat halloween tattoos

Here’s the total Halloween tattoo lover. A brilliant work of art. Cool full body Halloween tattoo.

Whole back filled with pumpkins and owl tattoos

This kid is certainly not from this world…and ghosts will be afraid whenever they see him.

Spooky halloween kid

Brilliant idea here. You shook your hands out to shake someone, and BOOM! they’re petrified.

Scary Bats tattoo

The pumpkins and scarecrows are doing the same job here. The pumpkins are more effective than the scarecrow, I must say.

arm tattoo scary pumpkin scarecrow

A Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo. Looks cute, though. It seems they’re in love. Creepy love.

Alien and undead creature share love

This cute little tattoo could pass for an ID card for witches.

witch on broom arm tattoo

The wicked witch and her angry possessed pumpkins. Cool, huh?

Wicked witch angry pumpkin tattoo

Oh my! This is a horrific Halloween scene. Judgement Day in Pumpkin land. Gives me the creeps.

horrific halloween scene

Shut your doors, close your windows. Looks like a ghost pumpkin just escaped from the graveyard.

graveyard pumpkin

That wicked creature is eating all the treats, and the others are not happy about it one bit.

trick or treat bully

Butterflies and a skull- perfect combo to get you out of your skin.

Skull face tattoo on arm

This tattoo is cool, classy and has a tinge of scary too.

bat pumpkin halloween tattoo

A haunted castle overshadowed by a menacing bat and an orange moon. Things are about to get reaal spooky.

haunted house halloween tattoo

This is a simple way to terrify someone. Classical. Cool. Beautiful.

Skeleton arm tattoo

A haunted ghost is coming to haunt you…run for your lives.

halloween ghost tattoo

This tattoo is chic, exotic and spooky at the same time. Cool.

halloween arm tattoo

So, here’s a pumpkin… and a scorpion! At first it looks harmless but if you look closely, you’d watch your steps.

halloween pumpkin tattoo

A reaal spooky creature here. Is it a tree? or the skeleton of an undead witch? Shivers. 

scary skeleton tattoo

Here’s a very ugly zombie coming for you, with arms flailing and a blood-curdling scream.

halloween zombie tattoo

Now this is one huge spooky tattoo. I dare you to stare at that giant eye for one minute, and don’t avert your gaze, or call for your mama.

big eye on back of head tattoo

This tree of scary pumpkins speaks Halloween in more ways than one.

scary pumpkin tree tattoo

A nice idea here- the scary pumpkin is complete when the legs are together.

scary pumpkin tattoo on both legs

A great spooky tattoo for trick or treat. The pumpkin is alive, and laughing ghoulishly. 🙂

trick or treat halloween pumpkin tattoo

This is how a female Frankenstein monster would look like. Don’t be drawn in by her beauty. She’s a monster. Some monsters are beautiful. Don’t be deceived.

female frankenstein halloween tattoo

Looks like the witch is busy doing something evil. If you’re into witches and wizardry, this tattoo is for you.

wicked halloween witch tattoo

This tattoo of a mummy cat seating on a haunted pumpkin will surely send its onlookers into a fit of fear. What’s that dripping from its mouth? Ew!

mummy cat sitting on cursed pumpkin tattoo

Spooky. A haunted house is on fire, and the pumpkins are laughing in an evil manner.

house on fire halloween tattoo

Lord of the grave. That cat should be avoided at all costs. It bossed the grave, and made the evil pumpkins submit to its will. No one will be resting in peace there.

black cat with pumpkin at grave

Here’s a great Halloween carving on the stomach. It’s beautiful too, apart from being scary.

stomach halloween tattoo

The real Frankenstein monster. Howdy dude? Grrrr!

herman monster tattoo

Okay. Don’t be deceived by his kisses and apparent cuteness. That little boy is evil.

ghost boy trick or treat'n

Halloween Ghost. A mean way to scare your friends with this tattoo.

pumpkin nightmare tattoo

An unreal pumpkin tattoo adorning on the hand. A perfect way to send shivers down someone’s spine.

pumpkin monster tattoo

This little devil boy with ragged teeth and forlorn eye is going treat or tricking. He has a ghost and a sorry pumpkin as companions.

weary boy trick r treatn'

A cute little Halloween arm tattoo. That kid is dreaming of candy, yet looks evil. 🙂

halloween boy candy dream

A classical example of a perfect Halloween tattoo. Only for die-hard Halloween fans.

halloween forever pumpkin tattoo

Here’s an angry ghost with its crew of vicious bats, ghoulish ghosts and haunted pumpkins to scare off your enemies.

halloween feet tattoo

A simple smiling, yet scary pumpkin tattoo on the leg. Cool.

pumpkin feet tattoo

Here’s another example of a scary pumpkin hand tattoo. This time with other creatures.

undead halloween pumpkin tattoo

Here’s a feet tattoo of a pumpkin with an eerie smile. That smile is evil, trust me.

scary halloween feet tattoo

A little female pumpkin goes trick r treat’. She’s armed with a haunted look and that black bat isn’t hovering over her for nothing.

trick or treat scary pumpkin tattoo

Here’s a scary tattoo presented in a nice way. The bat is so in love with the pumpkin, and the ghosts are jealous.

bat pumpkin tattoo

Everyday is Halloween. Yes. If you disagree, then you’d have a problem with this skull head. If I were you, I wouldn’t contradict him.

halloween skull tattoo

A harvest of pumpkin spirits, by a scary looking skeleton. Or did that skeleton keep spirits inside a pumpkin. Either way, it’s a creepy scene. Shivers.

tattoo of ghosts popping out of pumpkins

A collection of Halloween items, both evil and sweet, on each finger. Sweet.

halloween tattoo on fingers

Look closer. Stare for a minute, and you’ll realize the horror of this tattoo. It’s not cool, it’s evil.

halloween ghost with pumpkin tattoo

Here’s a spooky pumpkin to scare children off. 🙂

halloween tattoo to scare children

Okay. This is serious stuff. The atmosphere here is ominous, and the pumpkin holding that jagged-edged knife is more ominous. Great concept, though.

jack o lantern scarecrow

Here’s a nice concept of a haunted house, on your shoulder. Cool.

halloween tattoo artwork

This is a little version of the Grim Reaper, in all its evil glory and might.

mini grim reaper tattoo

The Frankenstein monster. Ha ha ha! Run for your lives!!

frankenstein groom tattoo

This mummy has come to take you in your sleep. Hide under the sheets!

monster mommy tattoo

That’s Stewie Griffin from Family Man. He’s still vicious and unfriendly, but this time around he’s also a zombie and an undead creature all joined together. Imagine all the havoc he’s going to cause.

stewie zombie tattoo

A scary pumpkin is back from the dead to avenge is age-long murder. It’s not happy, clearly belligerent and wants revenge.

undead pumpkin tattoo

A perfect Halloween scene here. Flying witches. Haunted house, pumpkins, bats, and children trick r treat’.

haunted kids trick r treatn'

An evil pumpkin at a graveyard tattoo. “I’m going to get you. Grrrr!”

halloween cemetery scene tattoo

This is one evil looking pumpkin during trick r treating.

pumpkin halloween tattoo

This tattoo depicts a deathly buzzard scene, with everything looking gloomy and doomy. 

deathly buzzard halloween scene tattoo

Is this a sacrifice scene or are those skeletons mourning a dead pumpkin? It’s nothing good, either way.

skeleton pumpkin tattoo

A jack o lantern- scarecrow hybrid creature is keeping watch at a haunted house here. Visitors beware.

lantern keeper halloween tattoo

This is a scary candyman, in the spirit of Halloween.

candy corn zombie halloween tattoo

These tattoos of Jack o lanterns from hell will send shivers down your spine.

skull pumpkin tattoo

A graveyard Halloween scene, replete with haughty pumpkins, scary ghosts and bats.

haunted halloween scene tattoo

It’s an orange evening here. Complete with many pumpkins and jack o lanterns’ evil laughs and crows on dead tree branches.

pumpkin scarecrow tattoo

The undead in this tattoo is really scary and spooky.

haunted face halloween tattoo

Two tricky pumpkins on the prowl here.

bewitched pumpkin tattoo

Okay. This is serious stuff. Everything about this tattoo is scary and frightening.

ghoulish head tattoo

Here’s another scary tattoo. Very suitable for Halloween.

undead creature tattoo

Love. Skulls, flowers and a cross. Spooky stuff.

skull with cross tattoo

No one should toy with this orange-eyed monster. It has a menacing look and speaks volumes of terror.

scary face of man

A haunted vampire, with blood and what not dripping from her eyes and mouth.

woman in anguish tattoo

A baby from the underworld. Armed with an innocent look, an eerie smile and a wicked inner spirit. That’s right, it’s chuky tattoo.

scary baby tattoo

This little green monster feeds on human brains.

green monster tattoo

Here’s a really vicious flaming red pumpkin, who is really not happy with anything or anyone.

flaming red pumpkin tattoo

Zombies created this. Cries of the haunted. A gory story here. Tale from the crypt tattoo.

zombie tattoo

This head is out to scare everyone off. The overall look is scary and that snarl will send shivers down your back. A scary zombie tattoo.

zombie head tattoo

Here’s Edward Scissors Hand tattoo to spook others.

edward scissorhands tattoo

A scary night at the graveyard tattoo.

halloween pumpkin tattoo

This seemingly cute bat is not cute at all.

blue halloween bat tattoo