Best Gun Tattoos to Get on your body in 2019

Of the many possibilities for tattoo designs, gun tattoos are a popular choice. These tattoos come in many shapes and sizes. Many gun tattoos portray old-fashioned style pistols, but any type of gun can be depicted, depending on what type has the most meaning for the person getting the tattoo.

In addition, gun tattoos can either look realistic or be colorful and artistic, and they can range in size from miniature to the size of an actual gun. In general, women are more likely to decorate their gun tattoos with vines, ribbons, flowers, or other symbols, but men sometimes decorate their gun tattoos as well.

What does a gun tattoo symbolize?

Most gun tattoos have a personal, symbolic meaning rather than merely representing violence. A gun tattoo can symbolize toughness, strength, or power. Rihanna, for example, has a small gun tattoo on her ribcage that represents strength.

For both women and men, the most common place to get a gun tattoo is the hip area. A particularly popular option is a pistol on the front of each hip, with the guns angled downward so that they make a ā€˜Vā€™. A single gun can also be tattooed across the lower stomach or down the side of one hip.

For women, another popular location is the upper thigh, particularly for a tattoo of a gun in a garter belt. This option is quite feminine because the garter belt can be lacy or fancy. Two guns on the chest, or a gun on the back of the shoulder, are slightly less popular options.

Although less common, gun tattoos can also be located in a more visible place, such as the arm. The arm is a more common choice for men than for women (see our Sleeve Tattoos Collection). No matter the location, many different types of people are getting gun tattoos, especially young people.

Here we provide you with a collection of gun tattoos so that you can see the wide variety of possibilities for both men and women. These creative designs may give you some ideas for a gun tattoo of your own.

Creative Gun Tattoo Images

Gun Tattoo on Hand
Hand Gun Tattoo on hand and fingers
Brain Bang Gun Tattoo on both Hands
Bang Brain Burst Tattoo
Gun and Roses Tattoo
Girl Wearing Roses and Gun Tattoo on Shoulder
Revolver tattoo on Head
Flowers and a gun tattoo on head
Double Gun Crossing Tattoo
Double Gun Tattoo on Back
2 Guns tattoos on Biceps
Girl Wearing Gun Tattoos on Both Arms
Web and Guns on Chest
Pistols and Web Tattoo on chest
Guns and Feathers
Guns and Feathers tattoo
Hand Gun Tattoo on Bicep
Hand Gun Tattoo on Bicep
Hand Gun Tattoo in Abdomen
Hand Gun Tattoo on Abdomen
Love written with guns tattoo
Make Love not War
machine Gun tattoo
Machine Gun tattoo on sleeve
Small Gun Tattoos
Small Gun tattoo on finger
Ak47 Tattoo on Arm
AK-47 Arm Tattoo
Creative Gun Tattoo
Creative Gun Tattoo
Colt Pistol Tattoo on Arm

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