20 Free jQuery Menu Bar and Navigation Plugins

This is a collection of the best of the best free jQuery menu bar tutorials and plugins. These jQuery plugins can spark-up any web design. This collection includes a selection of jQuery drop down menu, mostly horizontal styled but there is a variety of vertical jQuery menu bars as well.

The most common use for such a menu bar is, of course, navigation.

Navigation of a website can be considered as the backbone of web design. It is the focal point of interactivity with users/visitors. Navigation is the one of the things that make a first impression. The conclusion is that the navigation menu should be approached with great care. And jQuery can take care of it.

This is a collection of few of the finest jQuery plugins (and their tutorials) for making your navigation bar exceptional. Of course, if you know a little bit of coding, you can easily customize them and make something of your own.

Mega-Site Navigation

A navigation plugin for mega-sites.

3D Rotating Navigation

A free navigation plugin with 3D rotating navigation.

Smart Fixed Navigation

Bouncy Navigation

In this plugin, the navigation items are bouncing in and out the screen.

Full-Screen Pushing Navigation

A plugin that pushes off the previous content off the screen.

Responsive Sidebar Navigation

Includes side and vertical navigations that are very easy to integrate.

Slide In Panel Navigation Plugin

Rounded Animated Navigation


Sidr is a plugin that is super easy to use. If you use it, it will create a responsive side menu that is very similar to the one that Facebook has. With this plugin, you can create multiple menus on both sides – either the left one or the right one, you choose.

Page Stack Navigation

Page stack navigation can show a navigation like the one displayed below when you click on the menu button that is located in the upper left corner at first. This transforms all of the pages into 3D and moves them to the bottom of the viewport. All other pages are displayed in the back.


Navgoco is a very simple plugin that transforms a nested unordered list of links into a good-looking vertical menu with several layers with slide navigation. Very cool and effective.

Stretchy Navigation

Stretchy navigation is a beautiful navigation plugin that can stretch to show you all of the navigation items.

jVanilla Menu

jVanilla is a free menu jQuery plugin that is capable of taking an already existing pure CSS drop-down menu and adding some enhancements like animations when showing submenus, support one submenu level, timed delay on mouseout, top level menu links can be inactive (on hover effect), and last submenu right-aligned.

Multi-Level Menu

Multi-Level Menu plugin is very simple and has delayed item animations. Also it has an breadcrumb navigation that is optional and a back button.


Slidebars is a simplistic and lightweight free plugin that creates a sliding navigation that is very similar to the one that apps often use. You can view multiple demo versions that show the movement of the slidebar from different positions.

3D Bold Navigation

3D Bold Animation that is sliding in after a click on the menu icon. It replaces the previous content with a bold 3D menu that is very stylish and modern.


scotchPanels.js is a nice canvas menu, navigation and panel plugin that is completely free for your use.

Shifter jQuery Plugin

A minimalistic slide-out animation.

Multi-level Push Menu jQuery Plugin