Free Excel Budget Template Collection for Business and Personal Use

An Excel budget template can help people systematize their budgets in an efficient, yet simple manner.

A budget template can be optimized for individuals, families, businesses, housewives and all types of individuals and corporate uses.

An Excel budget template can also be optimized for one particular project, task or event. For instance, there can be a project budget template and their can be a Christmas budget template.

By the way, we have made a great collection of Microsoft Word resume templates. If you ever need a cool resume, don’t miss this post.

Today we have included all these templates in this post and we have bundled all these templates in single all-in-one download file. Just one click and you get all the templates. They’re all free.

Download This Excel Budget Template Collection

Here’s the all-in-one file for downloading all of the templates featured in this list with a single click.

This download file contains resources for balancing weekly, monthly and yearly budgets. It contains multiple budgeting worksheets for managing business ledgers and multiple files for managing household expenses. It contains exclusively made spreadsheets such as college budget planner and wedding budget planner. It has everything that you may need related to budgeting, debt clearing and savings.

Simple budget worksheet

Budgeting your expenses is no simple task but this budget spreadsheet template makes it simple to organize your budgets.

The simple budget worksheet uses a graph to show you how your savings can be divided up. One may feel that this template is a little too simple but don’t worry, the advanced level templates are also listed below.

Simple budget template

Dave Ramsey’s template

Dave Ramsey’s Excel budget template is one of the most popular templates when it comes to monthly budgeting.

Mr. Ramsey originally created these templates in PDF format but then Chris Hoffman converted in an Excel based budget template.

Excel budget template dave ramsey

Budget template for personal use

The following is a template for individuals. This template helps you to budget your monthly expenses easily but efficiently.

Personal Budget Spreadsheet

Family budget planner

This is an Excel family budget template for households. This one is for housewives or anyone who runs a house. It is simple enough even for grandmas but powerful enough to take all your financial worries.

Excel family budget template

Financial life on one page

Even though the acronym of this template is FLOP, the Excel budget template is big hit.

It works as a balance sheet and financial roadmap. It is designed for households, keeping housewives in mind.

Financial life on one page

Interactive budget calculator spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is a lot like the like the family budget templates we have been listing but this one is interactive, highly interactive.

You can input your income, spending and other values, and the spreadsheet generates graphs and guides. It’s pretty cool actually, the only problem is that it is designed specifically for Canadian audience. However, everyone will find it useful. It’s not only Canadians who have to budget their expenses.

Interactive excel budget template

Pear Budget

This is probably the most popular budget Excel template there is. It has been downloaded over 100,000 times.

Pear Budget Template


Microsoft Excel is a paid software but there are other alternatives that can open .XLS files without any problem. Open Office Calc is one of those software.

Money management for businesses

This is a grand resource for businesses. It does almost everything a money manager software does, but this one does it for free and this template does not require you install any additional software.

Money manager

This excellent Excel business budget template also has a tutorial for its customization.

Financial Snapshot

This is also a very popular budget spreadsheet for businesses. It’s main quality is that it doesn’t only budgets your resources but presents you with a complete business picture.

Financial Budget

EOD Budgeting

This one is a little different form regular budgeting templates. What it does is that you input your income and all your expenses then it will find the difference between those two. It helps you figure out where you can save some money.

EOD budgeting spreadsheet

William’s Monthly Budget Spreadsheet

This is an ideal budget template if you often find yourself spending too much wasting money. There are lots people (myself included) who are terrible with cash. People who spend everything they have as soon as they get some money. This is the worksheet that aims to change such people. I hope it changes me.

Everyone should be on a budget

And here’s the tutorial for using this spreadsheet.

Wedding Budget Planner

It’s no secret that women are crazy about weddings; especially, if it is their own. Probably that’s the reason we often, very often spend too much on our wedding ceremonies and curse the mortgage for the rest of our lives.

So here’s a wedding budget planner that will help you to organize the perfect wedding without ripping your pockets.

Wedding budget planner

Debt Reduction Calculator

Whether you are common man or whether you are big country like the United States, you have debt on you, that’s for sure. This is a spreadsheet that helps you get rid of debts.

Debt reduction calculator

Savings Goal Tracker

There is single person in the world who can save easily. We all have a hard time when it comes to savings… thankfully, we have this spreadsheet to help us.

Savings Goals

There you go guys. I have featured some of the important files of the download pack here but there are many more files in the download all-in-one pack which aren’t featured here. I wanted to save space and time.

7 Easy Budgeting Tips

We have shared many budgeting worksheets here but how will you make use of them if you don’t the know the basics of budgeting? So here’s a list of easy to follow tips for going on a budget and making savings.

  1. Be realistic: budgeting is like dieting, it requires commitment. You need to know how much you can save and what would be too much. If you try to be too hard on yourself, you’ll break.
  2. Needs vs. Wants: figure out the differences between needs and wants. Your savings would come from your wants section.
  3. Contingency Amount: reserve some money as contingency amount that comes into play should anything go wrong. This is the amount for the unplanned circumstances. You may also call it Miscellaneous.
  4. Savings is an Expense: this is a good practice of budgeting. You add savings as an “expense” so that you know this is an expense, just like bills and other fees. This is something you have to pay.
  5. Bills and Receipts: keep them all organized. If you have them in hard copies, save them in files. If you have soft copies, you can easily sort and organize them digitally.
  6. Pay Cash: for minor expenses. This helps you reduce that credit card bill.
  7. Forgive Yourself: it is almost impossible to stay 100% on budget. It is likely that you will make some transgressions, everybody does. Forgive yourself on them and move on.

Additional Budgeting Resources

Now that you have seen, and hopefully downloaded the above listed templates, time now to check out some of the other free online resources available for budgeting your expenses.

Budgeting in Excel: Tutorial

This is a tutorial for Microsoft Excel for creating a budget spreadsheet yourself.

This is an absolute newbie’s guide so you should give it a try if you are a beginner level Exceller.

Money Stream

This is an online platform that organizes your bills and manages your cashflow. With it, you don’t have to remember all those due dates, keep track of each bill individually and so on.

The service is also available as mobile apps. These apps are available for iPhone and Android.

Google Drive Templates

Our post was about downloadable templates but you could be thinking of turning cloud, don’t you?

If you are then there can be nothing better than a resource optimized by Google. These templates are crafted by experts at Google and you can use them to budget your finances.


It doesn’t matter how much money you have, you can never have enough. Even Bill Gates wants more money so that he can put it on clean water research and malaria eradication programs… but he does want more money. And he is one of the richest men alive.

For the 99% of the people like you and me, it is an absolute science to balance our budget. There are so many things to remember, so many tensions, so many things to stress about. But, we can reduce the stress by using our favorite Excel budget template from this list. Whether we want it for our home or our business, they can cater all the needs and they are free. Worth a try, don’t you think?