Free Download of Metro Vibes UI Kit

Developing a beautiful website is far easier when you have a high quality UI kit to help provide a uniform look from page to page. The Metro Vibes UI kit here comes with layered PSD files along with more than 30 elements. All of the various elements and features, including the blogging elements, the progress bars, and the various forms and filters help make it easy to create the site you want. The blogging elements make setting up a great and responsive blog very simple too. Metro is easy for your visitors to use, so they can concentrate on your content.

Designers and developers have a hard job. If you are one of them, then you know all of the work that goes into every project. You also know it would certainly be nice if you could get just a little help that could make your life easier. Metro UI kit is created by PixelKit – the best solution you can find for complete UI kits and graphic elements. PixelKit is a full library of design resources and it specializes in UI kits. PixelKit is quite different from other resources you could find since it specializes 100% in providing the high quality UI kits you need.

This is a compact version of Metro Vibes UI Kit that Pixelkit has sponsored to make available for Designzzz readers. The real thing costs $39 per year.

This particular version you can download from below is crafted especially for Designzzz readers and you cannot get it anywhere else.
This is a royalty-free download so you are free to use it commercially or do whatever you want with it. Just don’t sell it, you can use it in any way you like.

UI Kit Preview

This UI kit is designed for web designers and that’s why it contains elements required in websites, elements such as pricing table, buttons, social media icons, scroll bars, featured area and many other elements that come handy while designing websites. Of course the same elements can be utilized in app development as well.

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Metro Vibes UI Kit Preview

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