Frank Gehry’s Most Spectacular Buildings You Can Find in the U.S.

Frank Gehry is one of the pioneers of modern architecture, and his imposing creations are scattered all around the world. If you want to explore the most spectacular buildings he built in the U.S., these three are a good place to start.

Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles, California)

Walt Disney Concert Hall is one of Gehry’s signature buildings and it perfectly encapsulates his work at large. Its curving stainless steel skin is reminiscent of silver sails, and there’s no other building in Los Angeles that comes even close to its beauty.

Museum of Pop Culture (Seattle, Washington)

This is one of Gehry’s most polarizing building, but it perfectly fits the theme of the museum it houses. Its shape is supposed to represent a smashed electric guitar and it’s instantly recognizable thanks to its fusion of shimmering metallic, red, blue, and purple tiles.

Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Unlike the previous two buildings, this one isn’t a tourist attraction for any other reason but its extravagant exterior that we owe to Frank Gehry. Like many of his buildings, this one has a metal-clad skin, but what makes it unique is the unusual design that makes it seem like it’s starting to fold into itself.