Effective Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales With Low Budget

There is no question that eCommerce is a very successful and constantly growing market for those who are looking to start a business. With statistics showing that there are over 2 billion digital buyers all around the world, it is a fact that this market is worth investing it.

The biggest problem is that most small businesses and startups encounter a lack of budget. Surely, you can achieve great results and profits if you have a huge budget and can invest more – than it is most likely that the revenue will be coming to you in much bigger numbers.

Therefore in this article, we want to share some insightful tips with you. These will guide you and help you if you are on a small budget but want to be visible and successful in the eCommerce world.

Start Using Google Ads

Creating and managing a Google Ads account will help you get more brand recognition and sales. You can be active on social media and optimize your website as much as you want, but you need to admit that most people, probably you too, are looking for products and services to buy on Google.

To create a Google Ads account, for a start, you will need to create or use an existing Gmail account, then you can create a Google Ads account and start an advertising campaign. If you are using Prestashop for your eCommerce website, then you can use the best Google ads Prestashop module to make things faster and easier for you.

Make Your Contact Information Visible

This may seem like very obvious advice, but you would be surprised how many websites that are out there don’t have clear contact information, and this is a common website navigation mistake. And contact information plays a much higher role than it may look like at first.

Imagine a potential client finding your website on Google Search, navigating to your website, and wanting to buy a large amount of the products you are selling, but the client needs to have those items delivered to him tomorrow. If he cannot find the contact information in an easily visible spot, he will most likely ditch your website and go to your competitors.

Also, this plays a huge role in your budget if you choose the pay-per-click strategy on Google Ads. This means that each visitor that clicks on your ad and leaves your website costs you money. The need to call the seller highly depends on the products and services you are selling – the more complex they are, the more likely it is that you will receive more calls.

Show Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are playing a more important role than ever. With more and more eCommerce businesses appearing online, sometimes it is hard to trust an online business, and one of the ways to determine if a business is legit is to read the customer reviews.

If you have a lot of positive but sincere customer reviews, this shows two things. First of all, it shows that you are a legal business and not fraud. The second factor is that it is easier for a potential customer to choose between you and your competitors if you have better reviews than they do.

Also, besides placing customer reviews on your website, if you run a Facebook page as well, you should add the Reviews option. Nowadays, most people use Google Search to find products and services they need, but more and more are using Facebook too. To add a Reviews tab on your Facebook page, go to Settings, click on Templated and Tabs, and add the Reviews tab to your page. It will be located on the left side of your business page.

Ensure a Simple Checkout

As it is with the contact information on your website, the same advice goes for checkout as well – it needs to be easy to find and use. If you create a checkout that has too many steps, requires a lot of unnecessary information, and asks to answer unclear questions, it is very likely that the potential client will not have enough time or patience to deal with it.

If you see a very high rate of customers leaving shopping carts, your first conclusion shouldn’t be that your checkout is not good enough. There are also other reasons. For example, it is a well-known phenomenon that many people tend to put everything they like in the shopping cart and then either delete some items from it or not buy at all.

Also, this could be affected by high shipping costs that were unexpected for the customer, a very long delivery time, the checkout forcing to create an account on your website, and concern about the security of your website. To understand what is affecting your website visitors leaving their shopping carts, you should do market research and come to a conclusion which of these factors influence your customers the most.