Edgar Artis is Creating Charming Fashion Illustrations with Found Objects

Fashion illustrations often follow a similar formula, but Edgar Artis came up with a creative way to put a twist on this art form. His Instagram page went viral after he started using found objects to transform seemingly-ordinary illustrations into stylish masterpieces.

The Armenian artists based in Paris has over 700,000 followers on Instagram and he owes his huge success to his unique fashion illustrations created with a wide range of different objects.

“I create fashion illustrations using household items, flowers, and food to show that everything surrounding us, the little things we don’t even notice, they have beauty. For me it’s not just about creating a beautiful drawing or a beautiful dress, it’s about telling a story that will inspire people,” Artis told Good Morning America.

The fashion illustrator mostly works with food, but he also finds inspiration in many non-edible objects, ranging from spoons and forks to matches and toothpicks. He still uses colored pencils for certain portions of his drawings, but dresses and other fashion pieces are mostly created with all sorts of different objects.

Check out more of his work below.