Easily Create a Wood Sticks Typography Effect in Photoshop

Last week I made an advanced kind of DJ Image Manip and somebody challenged me that a great designer is not the one who can create designs using advanced tools such as displace (the main effect covered in that tutorial) but he is somebody who creates superb designs using simple commands and techniques. Challenge Accepted!!

This is a tutorial just like my earlier typography tutorial but this time I wouldn’t be using any tricks or deep hidden commands. It’s mainly just the idea and of the design that makes it eye-catching. I’ll tell you how to convert your idea into reality using the very simple methods.

Final Result

typography tutorial wooden photoshop

I Grabbed a wood pattern from Here and I made two marquee selections. You can use the simple marquee tool or you can what I did. Used Rounded Rectangle Tool and then converted into a marquee selection by Path Panel>Right Click on Path>Make Selection.

using the rectengular tool in photoshop tutorial

Now I just pasted the selection on two separate layers. I removed the rest of the background pattern. That’s not useful for us right now.

photoshop Cs5 Tutorials

Let’s stylize it now. Here I’m going to add the Effect of the Real Wooden Stick on  Ordinary Wooden Sticks. We will apply this Effect on the Single stick and then we’ll just Copy the Layer Style and Paste Layer Style on the Other layer of the wooden stick. Simple na!!

Drop Shadow in Adobe Photoshp Cs5 tutorial

A little Bevel and Emboss.

photoshop tutorials

And some light fixing using Image Menu>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast

photoshop typography

 This is the result we should get.

Applying the Wooden Effect in photoshop

Now comes the copy paste part. I’m making the letter D of Designzzz. I made two copies of one stick and one copy of the other. Have a look how made this D using just simple Transform Controls. You can enable these transform controls on any layer by pressing CTRL + T.

making the wooden Alphabets in photoshop

Here Is the Alphabet  E

realistic effect tutorial of photoshop

Now let’s just skip ahead. You understood the technique. Here’s the final result.

Woodem Effect Typography in photoshop

Our effect is very much complete but still feels like something is missing. Huh,… what’s that….. I know!! There’s nothing which is holding the wood sticks together. Let’s add some screws.

I grabbed a screw image from Here.
Then I cut just screw and removed the background.  I also added a little black outline around the screw. I created a circle behind it but you can also go with Stroke command. Whatever you like.

Realistic Effect tutorials of photoshop

Now after screwing…… I mean adding the screws to wood sticks we have our final result.

Wooden typography in photoshop

To finish it off, I grabbed a background from here for making the effect more interesting.  Tell me what you think.

Final Result

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