Discover the World of Amancay Murales’ Colorful Swimming Pools

If you’re a huge fan of murals and wish you could incorporate them into your home, we’ve got some good news for you. Amancay Murales is doing just that with their colorful murals—many of which made it to the bottom of swimming pools.

Founded by visual artists Camila Despalanques and Rocío Fernández, this company based in Argentina caught everyone’s eye after one of their swimming pools inspired by Van Gogh went viral on Instagram.

The two artists documented the process of hand-painting the swimming pool, which measures 7 x 3.5 meters, with the moon, stars, hills, and trees and all the other tiny details that make up the spiraling galaxy of  Van Gogh’s most iconic painting The Starry Night.

This swimming pool is their best and most popular work, but it’s not the only one they have in store. Many of Amancay Murales’ murals crept their way into the swimming pools, and the final result has always been amazing. From intricate, hand-painted pool bottoms to large murals hovering above the water surface and creating an amazing reflection, this creative duo is constantly coming up with new ways to blend swimming pools and murals together.