Designing a Smashing Halloween Wallpaper / Poster

We shared a premium resource a couple of days ago, do remember that? Free Halloween Poster – Ticket – Wallpaper PSDs. This is the tutorial to create that graphic.

As ever, difficulty level is not that tough, intermediate and beginners should like it very much.
For practice, you can Download the PSD from other post. It’s free.

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Before we begin the tutorial, here’s a fun fact about Halloween.  According to an Irish legend, Jack O’Lanterns are named after an amazing guy who tricked the devil (yes, the devil) several times.

For that he was forbidden to enter hell or (even) heaven. He was cursed to wander the Earth waving his lantern to lead people away from their paths.

 Final Result

To download the PSD files, click here.

adobe photoshop tutorials cs5

Resources Used:

First of all place the background and create another empty layer over it. Then fill this new layer with the color defined below in the screenshot. The last this is to convert the layer style to OVERLAY.


halloween wallpapers designing tutorials

This is the result.

amazingghalloween wallpapers designing tutorials

Blood Splatter

Using the brush tools (link is given above), make a few strokes.

adobe photoshop tutorials of halloween

Your brush strokes should look something like this. Then convert the layer style to Overlay and set the Opacity to 85%.

adobe photohshop tutorials

Hey Pumpkin

I opened the pumpkin image, cut the background and copied the pumpkin in our graphic.

adobe photoshop tutorials designing

Read this step closely: usingMagic Wand Tool, click anywhere in the empty area of the pumpkin layer. Then hit CTRL + Shift + I, now you should have the pumpkin selected. Hold down Alt key and click in the both eyes of our pumpkin so the eyes get deselected.
Now create a new blank layer, and fill the selection with solid white color. Now change the layer style to the overlay.

how to design a pumpkin in adobe photoshop


Once again, select the pumpkin, but this time, we don’t have to deselct the eyes. Then create a new layer, fill it with grey color. Go to >Filter>Blur>GaussianBlur, use the values 37.4  place that layer under the pumpkin layer, then change the layer style to the linear Burn.

adobe photoshop tutorials designing a halloween wallpapers

Here select the Brush Tool make strokes on the new layer place it above pumpkin layer, then change the layer style to the overlay.

designing a halloween wallpapers in adobe photoshop

It’s All in the Hands

Open the hands image and remove the background, then go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation.

adobe photoshop designing tutorials

Place one hand carefully at the selected place. Then duplicate the hand layer by hitting CTRL+J. Now flip the duplicated layer horizontally by Edit>Transform>FlipHorizontal.

halloween adobe photoshop tutorials

Not a Gentleman’s Hat

Grab the hat, place it here.

latest and fresh adobe photoshop tutorials

These are the layer styles for our Hat. Follow the values from the images below.

Drop Shadow

adobe photoshop designig tutorials

Color Overlay

amazing latest fresh adobe photoshop tutorials

Six Cornered Star

I just created a triangle using Custom Shapes Tool. Then I duplicated the triangle and flipped it vertically. After that, I just added a round circle to finish the deal. Once the star is complete, change the layer style to Overlay.

wallpapers designing tutorials of adobe photoshop

This is the place where you type whatever you want. You can use any font from Horror Effect Fonts.

adobe photoshop designing tutorials

Now give the the text a little drop shadow and change the layer style to Overlay. (I love overlay 🙂 )

adobe photoshop designing tutorials

Final Result

That wasn’t too difficult, was it?

adobe photoshop tutorials cs5