Super Cute Cats – Pictures

A photographic collection of cute cats and kittens, and tips to take such beautiful photos.

They say, “dogs have owners, cats have staff!” But we don’t mind being their staff, do we? I mean if the boss is so cute, we wouldn’t even want salaries.

Cats are one of the best, very best creations by Mother Nature. These mini-predators have the ability to become amazing pets and companions. In fact, according to a study, talking to pet cats helps reduce stress!

Just take a look at these Cat Pictures to understand why some people love cats so much.

Cute Cats Pictures

Am I cute?

am i cute cat

cute cat

doll face cute cat


orange cute kitten


2 kittens

Cute Kitten 07

shiny eyes cute kitten

Cats sleeping

cat and kitten sleeping

Cats love

cats love

my cats

cats kissing

christmas cats

cute white kittens

Cute Cat

doll face grey cat

cute cat

cuteness in cat

Cute couple

sleeping cat couple

Cute Kitten

black and white kittens

Cute Tobias

cute little cat

The Cats 01

persian white kitten

I am cute

i am cute

I grew a cat for you

cat in pot


pointed face kitten

Liliko, my cute cat

cat sleeping with bunny

My cats

cats hugging

Puppy cats face

puppy cat face

Raining Cats

raining cats

Scottish Fold Cats 2

scottish fold cats

Cute Kitten VI

sleeping cute kittens

The Cats 04

blue eyes white kitten

The Healer

the healer kitten

Super Cute

super cute cat

koopa cute cat

koopa cute cat

Blue cat

cute blue cat

Cat basket

kittens in basket

cute, cuter, cutest

cuter kitten

Cute Cat

cute kitten in bowl

Cute kittens

Cute kittens

Cuteness Overload

cuteness overloaded


tiny kitten

Cute Cat

persian long hair kitten

Don’t look at my girl

don't look at my girl

Dickens says “I iz cute?”

i is cute cat

My lovely cat “Tong Tong”

My Lovely Cat


Two kittens solidarity

Wrapped in cuteness

wrapped cat

Basic Cat Photography Tips

Get Down: This is one of photography’s basic rules. You should be at level with the subject. So if you want to take a good picture, your camera should be at the level of the cat’s eyes.

The Moment: You get the most beautiful photos (such as the last one in the list) at certain moments. So wait for the moment and hurry up when the time comes. Laziness won’t get you anywhere.

Clear Backgrounds Work Better: Animal photography requires clean understandable backgrounds. We don’t want any attention to be drawn at the background so it is a good idea to make it blurry.

Focus the Whiskers: Set camera focus to the whiskers. This will deliver amazing results. Usually we try to focus the eyes. They are important but whiskers work charms.

Don’t Use Flash: Try to take pet photographs using natural light. Artificial lighting isn’t that great with animals in general and cats in particular.