Fresh List of Most Creative Web Design Interfaces

This is a list of creative web design ideas for inspiration of the web designers. This list contains web designs that were designed to show off designing skills more than anything else in these modern times of technologies.

Some of these designs are ideal for portfolios because such designs can’t cater lots of content. However, they do look absolutely stunning, exactly what a portfolios need. And some are perfectly great for eCommerce, selling all kinds of products and services online. But not just anyhow – with style and clever interface design.

Usually, graphic designers like such web designs the most because it helps them show off their artistry. Some of these designs are all about artistry, and some are not about minimalism or simplicity – for every singe taste.

It takes time to make such designs, but they’re worth it. It requires concentration, aesthetic sense and experience. But most of all, it requires inspiration. For the inspiration, I have made this post. Just take a look at the showcase below. I am sure it will aspire you to make some highly creative web designs or a portfolio of your own.

A List of Incredibly Creative Web Design Ideas

For reaching the source page of any of these designs, just click on the title.

Eco Mug Product Page

This one would be perfect to show off any kind of suitable products which are currently very much in style and in high demand. The world in changing, the climate is changing, and the habits of people are changing for the better as well.

Swiss Tourist Portal – Visual Concept Stage

Lately, dark designs are considered as stylish and fashionable as the white minimal ones. Dar designs are considered to be one of the highlights in the list of 2020 design trends. Even Facebook and Youtube have released their own dark modes for people to enjoy.

Leo Natsume picture 2020 Portfolio Website Interface

This is one of the best designer portfolio examples that we have seen this year. At the same time, it is minimal, it is only one object but at the same time – it looks incredible and shows the amazing skills of the designer who created this portfolio. An original idea and great inspiration.

Mentorgram Website Interface

Mint coloured designs with a hint of contrast are always stylish.

Hiring Artists Website Design Interface

Warm coloured design with soft illustrations can perfectly represent the values of a company, organisation, or a designer.

Invite Designers – Hero Website Concept

Simple, minimal, clear, easy to understand and navigate – but still with a hint of fun.

3D — Design Shoes for Commercial Characters

A juicy and funky 3D design made in an original way.

Ecotourism Service Website Interface

Another dark design that represent the idea of coziness in a perfect way. Dark and cold colours contrast with worm colours inside of a modern house in the nature.

TheHub – Style Exploration

ShipBob – Home

Cybersecurity Website Interface

Havana: Landing Page

Web Design Exploration

Rainmaking – Grid System

TheHub – Style Exploration

Paypal – Landing Page Concept

ConsumerVoice Landing Page

TheHub – Website Exploration

Vacation House Cooking Landing Page

GOTOEGYPT – Travel Landing Page