Creative Dried, Pressed Flowers DIY Projects for Your Valentine’s Day Flowers

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

With Valentine’s Day coming up this weekend, chances are you’re going to receive at least one bouquet of flowers. While we love getting flowers, we always wish we could hold onto them for longer and with these DIY projects, you can! These projects use dried, pressed flowers so you can keep your flowers for years to come instead of throwing them away.

Pressed Flowers Tray

Create a tray or plate with pressed flowers and ribbons. Glue the flowers and ribbons with craft glue and top the final project with découpage glue or clear resin.

Flower Soaks

We’re familiar with rose petal baths and you can create your own fragrant soak with dried roses, essential oils, and pink Himalayan salt. When making the vials, drop water onto the blossoms to stick them to the glass, then fill, cork, and seal them with labels.

Pressed Flower Box

Turn a regular glass or wood box into something special by adding pressed flowers. Lie the flowers flat and one at a time, put craft glue on them. When you’re done, top glass boxes with découpage glue or clear resin and wood boxes with protective coats.