21 Best Tattoo Ideas to Cover Up Old Tattoos

Do you like tattoos? We often publish tattoo ideas but they are all tattoos to be applied when the skin underneath is spotless.
But we all know that sometimes we make a mistake in choosing a tattoo. A change of heart, belief, attitude or even spelling error can make us cover up the tattoo that once was the best looking thing on your body.

Even the rich and famous falter when it comes to tattoos. So if you have made a mistakes, don’t consider yourself stupid, it’s just that you did what people are supposed to do… make mistakes.

So today we decided to make a showcase of the best tattoos that are ideal for covering up those silly mistakes and accidents.

Cover Up Tattoo Example

Angelina Julie was in a committed relationship with Bill Bob Thornton. She was so committed that she tattooed her name on her shoulder.

Angelina Julie Tattoo

But, like most Hollywood relationships, they broke up and Ms. Julie found a new boyfriend within minutes.
Once again, she was in a committed relationship (with Brad Pitt this time) so she went to get her tattoo covered up. The result was this:

Angelina Julie Cover Up Tattoo

Ten marks if you can guess what this new tattoo is…. No? Well, these are longitude and latitude coordinates of all the places she has adopted children from.

Cover Up Tattoos

Dave you son of a…. You’re out for good.

Dave is out tattoo

Many names, one solution.

Thigh Cover Up

And this is one of my favorites.

Tracy Tattoo

Cover up flower stars tattoo.

Cover up flower stars tattoo

Graveyard tattoo completely covered up.

Graveyard Tattoo

Olivia is obliviated.

Olivia Obliviated

Butterfly covers name of ex.

Cover up butterfly tattoo

And if you’re really angry at your ex, maybe this could help!

Really dark

This artist from New Zealand shows the process of covering up an old tattoo.

Cover up tattoo

I changed my religion tattoo.

Old tattoo of cross

After medical surgery.

After surgery

A change of heart.

Tattoo Cover Up

Spotted lady beetle… not a great tattoo. But this one is.

Feet of Fury

First there was Gary

First there was gary

Then there was Andy

Then there was Andy

She also tried with Justin

She also tried with Justin

But it turned out, the problem was Gene.


And here’s my favorite.

The Last One