Excellent Collection of Wide Angle Photographs

Today we are showing a collection of wide angle photographs by Mr. Tom Paysden.

From the Editor: “Mr. Tom Paysden has written this magnificent photography article. The professional critique on every photo has made this guest post very special.

We thank you Tom for doing this for Designzzz’s readers.” When it comes to breathtaking imagery, it’s tough to beat wide-angle photography.

No matter what the subject may be, this type of photography enhances and improves upon it. Look below for 30 amazing examples of wide-angle photography.

1. Rocky Shoreline by David N.Walker

rocky shore

Rocks and stones on a beach spread out to the horizon in this gorgeous photograph. The seemingly endless quality of this photo makes it especially impressive.

2. Grand Central by Naturallyintense

grand central wide angle

New York City’s Grand Central Station is brought into living color in this stunning photo.

3. JJ by Timster1973

old plane wide angle

An old plane that is undergoing renovations is featured in this interesting, wide-angle photo.

4. Oklahoma City National Memorial by Wade Griffith

Oklahoma City National Memorial

The solemnity of the Oklahoma City National Memorial is brought to life in this exceptional example.

5. Hoyo by Jordan Photography

wide angle landscape

A lovely path is the focus of this photo, which features bright, eye-catching colors.

6. Tenacious by Gimmeocean

tree and sky wide angle photo

This wide-angle photo plays up the unique appearance of a single tree. Contrails in the sky mirror its shape.

7. Alabama Fans by Bandman12

wide angle albama stadium

You can get a feel for how large this stadium is in this incredible shot, which was taken during the Iron Bowl in 2011.

8. Beach by Lucy.Loomis

wide angle beach photography

Beach shots look especially beautiful with wide-angle photography. This example takes advantage of light from the setting sun.

9. Beit-Chabab by JipsStick

beit chabab wide angle

The interior of a Lebanese mosque is featured in this stunning, wide-angle photograph.

10. Volkswagen by R.Warren

Volkswagen Wide Angle Shot


Wide-angle photography can be used to enhance a close-up shot, as is evidenced in this unique photograph.

11. Almondsbury by Car Trev

Wide Angle Landscape HDR Picture

Several unique effects are used to enhance the beautiful sky in this wide-angle shot.

12. Blue Hour by Charlesashaw

blue hour hdr

Reflections of the Houses of Parliament add pizzazz to this photograph.

13. Untitled by Peter

wide angle statue

A unique angle adds a special touch to this example.

14. Day 316 by Orbandomonkos.hu

wide angle of building

This photo is taken upside down to achieve a topsy-turvy effect.

15. Frankfurt by Frankonius

ideas for photographers

It feels like you can step right onto the carousel in this photo.

16. Rye Sunrise by Adam Woodworth

ocean wide angle photo

A gorgeous sunrise is captured using wide-angle photography.

17. Storm Clouds Jefferson by Seth Oliver

stormy cloud wide angle shot

Storm clouds hover over the Jefferson Memorial in this captivating photo.

18. Gooseberry by Ben Jacobsen

Low Exposure Wide Angle Photography

The surf takes center stage in this lovely example.

19. Golden Hour by Harold vd Berge

golden hour pic

The vastness of the countryside is captured in this shot.

20. Sierra and Tufa by SameerMundkur

sierra and tuffa

Wide-angle photography enhances the captivating appearance of these formations.

21. This is Bristol by Wx Photography

bristol cityscape wide angle

Bristol, England at night.

22. St. Peter by Wx Photography

Inside the Dome

An ornate cathedral ceiling is featured in this photograph.

23. Super Kid by Biggcstylez

captain america kid

A small child’s enthusiasm is recorded in this wide-angle shot.

24. Untitled by Márcio Miranda

cable car wide angle

This shot includes a combination of nature and technology.

25. Christchurch Tunnel Of Leaves by Delros1

Autumn Photography

This wide-angle photo features a beautiful archway made out of tree branches.

26. Green by Jule Mri

green shore wide angle

Bold colors in nature take center stage in this wide-angle shot.

27. Abandoned Campsite by Wicked Dark

abandoned campsite

In this photo, an abandoned campsite is strewn with fall leaves.

28. Taipei by Insipidwhite

taipei photo

The sheer size of Taipei comes across clearly in this photo.

29. Small Garden by Guppy350

Fireworks Display wide angle lens

This wide-angle photo makes fireworks come to life.

30. Night Market Fever by Justindong

night market

You will be blown away by the excitement of a Taiwanese night market, which is featured in this wide-angle photograph. As you can see, wide-angle photography can enhance and improve just about any subject.