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24 Stunningly Gorgeous Material Design Examples

This is a collection of material design examples from websites and mobile apps. It includes live online examples and concept designs.

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Hot jQuery Slideshow Image Gallery Tutorials and Downloads. Create magnificent Slideshows and Image Galleries.

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50 Best Parallax Scrolling Examples

Parallax Scrolling Examples for Web Designers. Parallax scrolling is a unique way to interactively animate your website. Most of these sites are single page.

Free HTML5 Dropdown Menu Bar Tutorial and Addons

This is a article contains a tutorial, and a list of the best HTML5 dropdown menu for web designers.

14 Free jQuery Preloader Plugins

These jQuery preloaders can be added to any web content. A jquery preloader interactively engage the user while content loads.

UX Design 100 – What is User Experience Design?

What is UX design? if this is your question, then you are at the right place. In this article, i will teach you about user experience design.