Capturing Smiles and Happiness through Portrait Photography

Every smile has a story behind it. Some consider it as the second deadliest weapon of women (first one would be tears).

Indeed women look extravagant when they smile, regardless of their age, but then again, who doesn’t? It’s not just about women, is it? I think we can all agree on “smile is a curve that sets everything strait”. Smile is so magical because it is the symbol of happiness.

To capture happiness in photography, you make the subject smile. In this post, I have gathered some of the best portrait photography shots that I liked the most.

All of these give you an inspiration for capturing your next smiley face 🙂

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girl smiling face

First Feeling of Happiness

baby smiling

Joy of life

old women smiling

Fighting & Smiling

old man Fighting & Smiling

Business Matters

happy smile faces potraits

I don’t have it all, but I’m happy!

Cute kid smile face

Angelic smile

a women's Angelic smile

Smile of SAPA

smile of SAPA

Smile = Satire

pretty lady smiling face


happy smile faces potraits photogaphy

Intimate moments..

father and son in water smile


sisters smile

A smile in the rain

A smile in the rain

So shy in front of the camera

little girl smiling and shy infront of camera

Smile On Her Face , Happiness In Her Hands

Smile On Her Face , Happiness In Her Hands



girl smiling

Toothless Smile

old women toothless smile

Your smile

traditional girl smiling

Arab (The Jocker)

the jocker smiling

Colin Castle-Artist

colin castle smiling

Carry Water

girl smiling carrying water on head

The Right to Be Happy

kid smiling and happy playing in mud


Focusing my self smiling

Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty smiling