25 Enchanting Butterfly Pictures

A collection of most amazing butterfly pictures from all around the world.

Butterfly is one of the most gorgeous creatures Mother Nature ever gave birth to. It’s bright colours, flying ability and love for flowers made it one of the most loved creature on this planet.

I am a huge fan of butterfly pictures, you can also find some interesting butterfly facts in the bottom of this page.

We all know that lovers pay the price of love, butterfly is no different. It loves flowers but children don’t let it enjoy with her love…. they chase her, catch her and manhandle her! That’s really not right, but we all have done it in our childhood, haven’t we?

It is not right to capture these butterflies, they are fragile, they get hurt very easily… if you want to capture them, you should capture them in camera! Capture their beauty and share it with everybody like we are doing here.

Butterfly Pictures

Beautiful Transparent Butterfly

beautiful transparent butterfly


beautiful transparent butterfly

The Butterfly

the butterfly

Butterfly – Espejitos pin butterfly pictures gallery

Transparent butterfly on leaf

Rosy Butterfly

Red Black butterfly

Peacock Butterfly

Peacock Butterlfy Pictures

monarch butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

Butterfly on Croka

Butterfly on Croka pictures


Black Golden Butterfly


beautiful blue white butterly


black and white butterfly


Purple Butterfly Picture



wood eye butterfly


white grey butterfly


blue furry butterfly


cream black butterfly photo


off white butterfly pic


pure black butterfly

Butterfly 9-8-10

blue black shaded butterfly

Butterfly – Aurorafalter

butterfly aurora falter

Butterfly – Red on White

red butterfly


beautiful blue butterfly

Blue butterfly

blue butterfly pictures


transparent butterly sitting on orange

Butterfly Facts

  1. Butterflies can be from 1/8 inch to almost a foot in size.
  2. Butterflies can only see yellow, red  and green colors.
  3. A butterfly can lift 3x of her own weight. That’s like a man lifting a Mercedes car.
  4. Usually butterflies can fly at a speed of 12 miles per hour. Some can go up to 25 miles per hour.
  5. Some butterflies travel up to 2000 miles each year to escape from extreme winter and summer.
  6. A butterfly cannot fly if her body temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit or less.
  7. Pictogram in Egypt show that there were butterflies 3500 years ago.
  8. Butterflies are found in every continent of the planet… except Antarctica of course.
  9. There are almost 24,000 species of butterflies living in this planet. We are not including Moths.
  10. The Brimstone butterfly (Gonepterix rhamni) has the biggest lifespan among all butterflies. Adult Brimstone lives for 9-10 months.