30 Scary Fonts: Free Blood Font Set

Blood Font helps us create scary graphics. Such fonts are always in fashion on Halloween! But that’s not all, you can use them creatively to make a paint splatter effect. You can use these fonts for posters, billboards and almost all kind of print media graphics.

Since it is likely is that you’ll beĀ using this blood font resource for creating horror effect graphics, I have made today’s screenshot in a scary bloody themed design.

Don’t worry, it does not contain anything violent so even the weak-hearted can look, download and use them.

As always, you can download all of these in an all-in-one pack.

But you should always remember that using the right font does half the job. I wish I had such resources when I was starting my design career…. these things make life easy. But of course, you learn to visit Designzzz with time.

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Blood Fonts

Download all in one Blood Font Set

[freebiesub download=”http://designzzz.com/wp-content/uploads/downloads/designzzz-bloody-fonts.zip”]


bloody fonts collection

Dirty Feature

dirty fonts

Madman Howling

fonts for bloody graphics


vampire effect fonts

Haunt AOE

haunting blood effect

Sticky Mad

gothic fonts collection

CF Night Of The Damned

horror effect fonts

Drippy McDrip

blood dripping fonts

DK Samhain

fonts for horror graphics

Flesh Digster

blood fleshing fonts


amazing creepy fonts


dripping blood font scratch

So Run Down
so run down fonts
Kerberos Fang

horror fonts for designers

Raslani Sanguinar Kaeser

fonts creating bloody effect typography


amoeba effect fonts


blood font for vampires

Ghost Bayou

fonts for ghost effect

Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite horror fonts collection


blood font for scary effect typography

While designing, please do remember that our graphics are seen by everyone, there’s no “viewer discretion advised”. So even when you are designing something bloody and scary, remember that we should not cross the limits and give nightmares to little children. With great designing, comes great responsibility.