25 Coolest Black Wallpapers for Dark Desktops

This is a huge collection of high quality high definition black wallpapers.

Black: the color of magic, the color of magnificence and the color of mystery. It is the most artistic color of them all. Probably that’s why we like to wear it all the time.

The color black is associated with valor, passion and wickedness. These three are qualities of night angels. As most of us (geeks) stay up all night, we like black wallpapers.

Another quality about black wallpapers is that desktop icons look very clear on them.

Did you know: black wallpapers save energy? When you have more black color on your screen, you are saving energy. Blackle by Google is an example.

Black Silk

So soft yet so dark. Perfect for an elegant minimal desktop wallpaper.

Minimal Sunset

Black wallpaper with a minimalistic sunset icon. Black with a little bit of fun orange.

Black Strawberry With A Hint Of Gold

Unusual and original.

Marble Texture

Modern yet elegant too.

Grayscale Photo Of Plant Leaf

Minimal and elegant.

Black Feather With Water Droplets

After the rain.

Moon Alone In The Sky

A lonely night for the moon.

Solar Eclipse

Incredible changes in the sky.

Black City

Underwater Jellyfish

Looking mystical today.

Grayscale Jellyfish

Just floating around.

Amazing Black Nature

A hint of nature and magic.

Black Textile

A black wallpaper with amazing texture for your desktop.

Black Motivational Wallpaper

Action is the foundation of all success.

Black Cat In The Dark

A suspicious cat waiting for something in the dark.

White And Black Skull Figurine On A Black Surface

To be or not to be? This picture can be used for any purpose, it is royalty-free.

Black Skull Hiding In The Dark

An even darker skull for those of you who enjoy completely black wallpapers.

Black Dark Hexagons In 3D Art

For those who enjoy modern geometry in black.

A Bulb Hanging In The Dark

A great motivation for all of the creative professionals who are constantly seeking for new ideas.

Trees Covered With Thick Smoke

A spooky wallpapers for those of you who like this kind of photography. The image is royalty-free so you can use where you want.

Black Car Hiding In The Shadow

This one has some Batman vibes going on.

Black Glowing Mask In The Dark

For those of you who enjoy this kind of style – it looks incredible and unreal. This image is also royalty-fee so you can use it anywhere you want, although it is always nice to appreciate the artist who made such amazing art.

Blue Mask Glowing In The Dark

Another incredible picture with a glowing mask in the dark. For those of you who prefer colder colours like blue instead of red.

Map Of The Entire World Made From Black Carbon Texture

Great for anyone who loves traveling and the colour of black. Simple and minimal.

Black Lion At The Gates

This one would look perfect as the login screen – an angry lion guarding the gates of your computer and personal data.