20 Adorable Baby Pictures and Photography Tips

Beautiful baby photography with the prfessional photography tips

Everybody wants to take good pictures of their children but this is also a hard fact that baby photography has become a considerably profitable niche of professional photography.

This post is a collection of lovely baby pictures and some great tips for taking photos of infants. Whether you are just ‘daddy dear’ or a pro-photographer, they will be a great help in improving your snaps.

Sometimes the kids can give expressions which even super-models can’t deliver, that is because they are not faking. This collection of pictures includes those photos where the babies giving such adorable and amazing expressions.

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Baby Photography Tips

Close-ups: Even though babies are always cute, they are cuter when you take a close-up. And even one part of the face or body could look very adorable, for instance a close-up of just the eyes and nose can be very popular.

Bend Down: Your shots will improve greatly if you take them from the baby’s level. You shouldn’t snap it from your height.

Minimal Props: Extra properties can add magnificence such as a toy or a creative T-shirt, but don’t overdo it. The baby photos which you’ll like the most will only have a baby over a towel, that’s it.

Controversial Flash: Some say, don’t use flash with babies, ever. That’s because flash remove the details. But some say that shadows look terrible so flash is necessary. I agree with the first kind of photographers.

Capture the Moment: Find a moment when baby has a great expression, usually their sleep and smile works the best. You can boost the expression by converting the pictures into black & white.

Getting the Right Angle: A good photo is not just two ears, two eyes and a nose in the middle. It has expression, and another tip for adding expression is find a good angle with proper lighting. Just practice, you’ll find your way pretty soon.

Settings: Keep the shutter above 1/250 because otherwise the picture will not be sharp enough.

Baby Pictures

Visualizing Dreams

One of the reasons I like baby pictures is that they include images like these. Cuteness to the limit.

professional studio baby photography


Sisters…. next only to mothers.

cute little kids sepia tone picture

Four-ty Winks

One of the good thing about baby photography is that babies are usually asleep. So you can make with the concept you want.

sleeping angel baby picture


There You Are!!

Those gorgeous eyes. Oh God I wanna be cute again.

Bab photography with the useful tips


How pure these emotions are. No lust, no demands, no returns required. Pure Love!

Amazing photography of kids with useful tips

God’s Gift

God’s and mother’s gift to the family. There has been lot of photoshopping done on this picture and I don’t recommend you do it in your pictures.

amazing baby photography with the professional tips

Dancing Lady

Babies are cute, you know why? Because their expressions are not fake! These baby pictures include natural expressions and that’s what makes this post beautiful.

Beautiful baby photography with the prfessional photography tips

The running kid

“Ha ha, I found you! You can’t beat me in hide and seek” – Kid

astonishing photographs of babies

Baby boy with dad

Dad’s arms. The safest place you can ever be. Love you dad!

Beauty photography of newly born babies and photography tips


“Can I have a lollypop?” – Kid

cute baby pictures

A new perspective on newborns

A concept baby picture. Baby is snoozing on glass surface.

baby lying on glass

The Pout

She doesn’t like it… change the situation before hell breaks loose!

cute pink baby girl

Life is good…

So finally I’ve found a baby who likes to take a shower. Amazing!

Baby taking bath in bath tub

Super Cute

“Hey ya cute guy, you should have a picture with an attitude!” – Kid

Cute little baby

The Young Model

I don’t wanna put the idea out there but the amount of expression this image has, it could be a meme.

Cute young model with the amazing tips of professional baby photography


A gentleman is never without a hat.

useful tips for photographers

Worlds Best Father Making Chili)

This is an irrelevant photo but I just had to add it. 🙂

Amazing photography of babies with useful tips

I’m Hanging Out

Her mother has had enough!

free amaing girl photography with photography tips


Portrait making is not an easy task, but the when the baby pictures come out, it is worthwhile.

cute photography of babies with useful tips