Breathtaking Black and White Landscape Photography

This is a collection of Black and White photos of nature landscapes.

Many people think that nature cannot look as breathtaking as it does in colored pictures. I made this post to prove them wrong.

Nature can look even better if the photographer knows how to shoot it. And as you know, many photography awards only accept Black and White photographs for nominations.

Some people would disagree with me but I believe that a colored picture cannot carry as much emotion as much a Black and White photo can.

Photography tip: Many of these photos use long exposure technique. If you don’t know what that is, here’s a good article: Breathtaking Long Exposure Photography and How to Capture It. And about black and white, you wouldn’t get a shot exactly like this with your camera. Post processing does play a big part.

Percheles 1 by Mariano Belmar Torrecilla

Free black and white landscape photography

Lairig Gartain by John Parminter

Free landscape Black and white photography

Mist of Stones

Photography of Landscape Black and White

Story of Long Life and Death by  angelreich

Free Black and White Landscape Photography

Shadow and light by mathilde guillemot

Free Black And White Photography

Another morning by Audun Wigen

Free Black And White Landscape Photography

How its like to be Free

Free Black and White Landscape Photography


Two Worlds… by  Mac Danzig

Free Black and White Photography

Infinity by  Joakim Orrvik

Free black and white photography

Evening Waterfall by Roberto Bertero

Free Black and white landscape photography

Desolated by  Nicolas Marino

Free Black and White photographs

Deep Evenings

Fee Landscape Photography

Is it black, or is it White…

Free Landscape Black and White Photography

Winter Landscape

Free Black and White Landscape Photography

Window to the World

FRee Landscape Black And White Photography

Sardinia Landscape

Free Black and White landscape photography


Free Landscape black and White Photography

Forgotten Temple

Free Black and white Landscape Photography

Destiny by  RICO CAVALLO

Free Black and white Landscape Photography