44 Extremely Useful Android Apps for Web Designers

These are the most brilliant Android apps for web designers that make their lives easier. These apps include wireframing and designing apps, code editors and hacking apps, web design learning apps and all kinds of apps that web designers need on regular basis.

These apps will not only increase productivity and enable you to work quickly, yet efficiently; but these apps will also boost your skills and teach you tricks of the masters of the trait.

Make sure you don’t miss out any app from the first 10 listed in this list. These are all free and these are very important apps for all web designers. All of them are important but the first 10 are pivotal.

Most of these apps listed here are completed free. However, there are some that are paid but even they are extremely affordable, less than a dollar mostly.

Android Apps for Web Designers

I think the first 10 apps are absolutely must-haves for all web designers. Make sure you don’t miss out on any.

Adobe Photoshop Express Free

I thought I should begin with the most obvious one. Not all functions of the real can be available on mobile devices, but you do get all the basic features related to photo fixing and editing.

free app to get entire Photoshop functions avaliable with android phone.

Color Picker Free

This is the traditional color picker tool that is so dear to all web designers. It lets you you pick color from galley image and picture take from camera , add some cool functionality to save colors in database. You can also compare how two Hex Color code look distinct in variant screen .

Color Picker

Wire Flow Free

This is a highly efficient wireframing and prototyping app. With a Material inspired interface and blazing fast touch controls, Wire Flow allows you to create linear screen flows in seconds and share them with a single tap.


Quoda Free

Quoda is a free text and source code editor. There are many other free source editors but Quoda and Droid Edit are the best ones. You can find Droid Edit below.


Open Source Libraries Free

Web designers constantly make use of the ready-made libraries. This application contains a collection of information on various Useful third party open source android libraries.

Open Source Libraries

Cheat Sheets Free

This works offline and contains cheat sheets for HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Microformats, mod_rewrite, MySQL, PHP, PostgreSQL, Python, RGB, Ruby on Rails, SEO, Smarty, SQL, SVN, Symfony, Arduino, ASCII, ASP, C++, CHMOD, CSS, Drupal 7, regular expressions, Wikipedia and WordPress.

Cheat Sheets

Treehouse Free

This is the world’s most popular app for learning HTML & CSS, mobile development through coding Android apps with Java and iPhone apps with Swift & Objective-C, web development with Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Python, and even business skills.


Source Code Viewer Free

How much have you learned from Right Click > View Source? We web designers learn this way a lot more than through regular teaching.
So, this is one of the most useful learning Android apps for web designers.

Source Code Viewer

Adobe Edge Inspect Free

Adobe Shadow application is for web developers and the designers who work also on mobile web projects. Adobe Shadow is for web designers and developers at android who are targeting mobile browsers. After installing Shadow app in your computer, you could pair your devices as well as have them browse in sync with your computer and perform debugging via remote inspection so you can instantly see HTML/CSS/JavaScript changes on the screen of your device.

Android application is for web developers and the designers.

Hacker’s Keyboard Free

This is a pretty cool app for developers and programmers. This keyboard is especially useful if you use ConnectBot for SSH access. It provides working Tab/Ctrl/Esc keys, and the arrow keys are essential for devices that don’t have a trackball or D-Pad.

Hacker's Keyboard

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And FTP Free

This is a FTP, FTPS and SFTP client for Android device’s local and remote files. It has folders’ selection support to upload and download, including delete. It opens files (HTML, MP3s and Text or Video) in the device. It supports many languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, etc., the only drawback is that there is no search facility.

FTP, FTPS and SFTP client free for android device.

Dropbox Free

A popular and free app for web designers and other creatives is the ubiquitous cloud-based file backup tool that allows you to have access to a remote folder with the documents you had stored on the server.

the ubiquitous cloud-based file backup tool free for android.

Google Analytics for Android Free

Web developers and bloggers are aware of the importance of Google Analytics. Google Analytics for Android lets you keep an eye on your site’s summary statistics even while you are not at home or office. This free application is absolutely secure, fast, light-weight and of course, supports date range comparisons, Graphs and the charts for each report with custom date ranges, Geo-location reports, favorites and regex-enabled searches.

Free app for Android lets you keep an eye on your site's summary statistics.

Eval your Javascript Code Free

This free application  is a simple tool for the test-running JavaScript snippets, directly in your Android device.

Free tool for test-running Javascript snippets in Android device.

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Android Codepad free

A simple source code viewer app that supports  the C-like, Bash-like and XML-like languages and  syntax the highlights automatically that are depending on the file.

PhoneGap Developer free

This free app is a great resource for Phone Gap developers. It includes docs, guides, API references and is a handy tool for testing their application.


Magic Color Picker free

This is a free color selection tool for the designers, artists and the programmers to select colors while using different color models. This app supports 7 different modes, includes RGB, HSV, HSL and YUV color models.

free color selection tool for the designers and programmers at android.

devcheats free

This free is a must app for a developer by offering a concise collection of the cheatsheets, including PHP, jQuery, CSS, SEO, Python, Ruby on Rails, Apache, Regular Expressions, SVN, C++, HTML5, Drupal, Javascript, Mysql and WordPress. This is a must have application  for developers and has a great collection for all the coding languages.

Android application for developers with cheat sheet collection for coding languages.

W3C Cheatsheet free

This app provides a quick access to some useful information from the specifications (incl HTML5) published by a leading international Web standards community.

Free android app gives access to information from the specifications (incl HTML5).

Fontroid free

This app is world’s first social font service, that you can share with it your own handwritten fonts with everyone.

free android app that is world’s first social font service.

Fontest free

This  is the developer and typography tool that can help you previewing quickly about how your favorite fonts are being rendered on Android.

 developer and typography tool free for android.

Astrid Task/Todo List free

Astrid is a nice todo list and task manager free app which is designed to help us getting stuff done. This app features reminders, tags, sync and a widget.

 todo list and task manager free app for android.