Alex Chinneck’s Buildings Blend Art, Theater, and Architecture

You’ll have to take a double look at British sculptor Alex Chinneck’s buildings to make sure they’re real. Houses that melt, mansions that levitate, upside-down towers, and buildings that unzip are just some of the many reality-defying creations by the sculptor. Chinneck’s work is the very definition of mind-bending and they’re as creative as they are humorous.

“I try to make the everyday world that surrounds us momentarily extraordinary, weaving fantasy into familiarity. My work attempts to playfully challenge perceptions of possibility, refusing to let physics get in the way of imagination”, the sculptor told Bored Panda about his creations.

His work comes together through collaborations with those in the fields of architecture, construction, theater, and engineering. While the goal is to make things look easy and almost digitalized, getting to the finished product takes a lot of work. And as he emphasizes on his Instagram, his work is “Real. Not renders”.

In addition to buildings, the artist is known for his other surrealist projects which include tying grandfather clocks, brooms, and British post boxes into knots and a parked car on a tarmac wave.

His work is truly one of a kind and we’ve never seen buildings quite like these before.