20 Free Adobe Lightroom Presets

Adobe Lightroom presets help photographers to professionally tone images quickly. They don’t only save time but they also create brilliant results in a very short period of time. And as a result, you have an amazing photo.

There are many types of presets such as Lightroom presets for portraits, wedding photos, outdoor photos and so on. There are also thematic types such as vintage and retro.

Lightroom emerged as the undisputed leader in photography post-processing department. Even though Adobe Elements and Aperture on Mac also do good jobs, but Lightroom is Lightroom!

One of the things that makes Lightroom so great is its presets. Sometimes, they are called Lightroom gradients but the correct term is Lightroom presets.

So let’s get going with the presets… but first, here’s a quick video tutorial.

How to install Lightroom presets

It is likely that you know how to install Lightroom presets but just in case, here’s a video tutorial that might help you out.

Free Lightroom Presets

A Lightroom preset is basically a set of recorded tonal values. Usually each preset contains a specific theme, a certain feeling; that feeling is applied to whichever photo you apply the preset.

Here are those presets which I really like and I feel you would like them as well 🙂

Chroma Crisp Lightroom Preset

Amazing for highlighting colours, just the way it is shown in the example below.

Professional Lightroom Black and White Presets Free

A modern black and white Lightroom preset that looks edgy and elegant at the same time.

Car Trip Lightroom Preset

10 Free Sepia Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Cross Process Preset Free

Cold Wind Preset

Mensch Maschine

This is an ideal preset for outdoor photos. It gives the photos a cloudy, yet optimistic feeling.

Mensch Machine

GoPro Travel Preset

High Fashion Black and White

This awesome black and white preset is perfect for adding a touch of class to all your photographs.

High Fashion

Sunny Day Preset

Wanderlust Preset 

Voodoo Lounge

This present brightens up the images but somehow I find the images seem a little scary even though they turn bright. I love this preset for this very reason.

Voodoo Lounge

Matte Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Film Style

If you want to gave a film style look to your photo then you have to download this preset.

great toning in lightroom

Free Pastel Lightroom Presets

These presets give a soft and dreamy looks for your photos. Very simply you can make your photos fill up with warm, pastel colours.

Intensify Your Blue Heaven

This Lightroom preset pin the blue color clearly and perfectly and gave a great look to the simple and ordinary photo.

great lightroom free presets

Free Fashion Lightroom Presets

Underwater Preset For Diving Photographers

Great and exceptional preset made for the diving photographers. This action is especially created for treating the marine life photos. All marine photographers have this Lightroom preset.

awesome lightroom preset for free

Forests & Sands Preset

Rich HDR Preset

That’s it for tonight guys. If you have a link to good quality lightroom presets, please share them in the comments section below.

Thanks for staying with me. Until tomorrow, see you.